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 Gramps 0.7.2 released.

GRAMPS 0.7.2 has been released.

Version 0.7.2

  • New Brazilian-Portuguese translation (Marcos Bedinelli)
  • Python Imaging Library no longer required for several report formats.
  • Better sizing of images in reports (Bruce DeGrasse)
  • An image subdirectory name can now be specified in the WebPage generation. This allows you to specify the subdirectory (or absence of a subdirectory) where images are placed when generating a web site.
  • Merging allows you to choose the GRAMPS ID of the merged person.
  • Better handling of auto completion of names, places, and other items.
  • Ability to rerun Startup dialog when necessary
  • More information in the Startup dialog
  • Fewer intermediate files when handling images for reports
  • Reports are now plugins, stored in the DocGen library
  • Filter out control characters on GEDCOM import
  • New document format generators for SVG and PostScript.
  • Improved document format generators for LaTeX (Donald Peterson), KWord (Bruce DeGrasse), and AbiWord.
  • Names now have a type (e.g. "Married Name", "Birth Name") associated with them.
  • Eliminated the intermediate dialog box on importing - GRAMPS now always appends to the current database.
  • If an imported GEDCOM contains REFN tags, they are correlated to the GRAMPS ID if possible.