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Linda, please, don't use talk of main page to discuss things not related to the page.

You asked:

It would be great if gramps could create a couple of reports.
1.  A report for all people in data base that would be in the different census and to be able to pick 

which one you want and what info. for each person you want.

2.  A report for all people in the data base that would give you who would possible be in each war, 

see list on

The above are very much custom reports, it is impossible to generalize that request to produce some reports. However, you can use general reports to obtain the above data, which is how GRAMPS intends to work (make filters for your selection instead of hundreds of specialized reports):

  1. create a filter: people in event, and select as event the census event. Then by combining with other filters you can select the exact data you want. Then it is a matter of finding a general report that can output the data you want. At the moment you can use Detailed Individual report to output data on all people in the filter. You could do a feature request for a more reduced general report for printing data connected to a filter if you do not like the present report. Best is to make suggestion in the feature request on how it should look like.
  2. for you second question, you make a filter of people living at a specific time (the date of the war) and region and output that via one of the reports. Using the filter sidebar you can use the screen instead of a report for viewing the relevant people.

For filters read Example filters, and feel free to add a filter doing the above to the example to help future users.

Concerning these questions, the users mailing list (Contact) is more suited for these.