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[https://mattkmmr.github.io/gramps-addons-listings/ Gramps Addon Listings Website]
[https://mattkmmr.github.io/gramps-addons-listings/ Gramps Addon Listings Website]
== Addon Contributions ==
== Addon Contributions ==

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Gramps Addons Listings Website

I created this project to allow exploring third-party addons from Gramps and Isotammi on web or on mobile devices. The addons can be filtered by project, category or language. They can be downloaded, but have to be installed manually in the Gramps user directory.

Gramps Addon Listings Website

Gramps addon listings website.PNG

Addon Contributions

This section helps me to keep an overview about all my addon contributions.

Name Type Comment
Double Cousin Text report Addon creator
Heatmap Web report Addon creator
Media Report Text report Addon creator
Name Type Comment
Number of Ancestors Quick view Addon creator
Name Type Comment
Add/Remove Tag Tool Addon creator
Avatar Generator Tool Addon creator
Event Description Editor Tool Addon creator
Family Relationship Tool Addon creator
Set Privacy Tool Addon creator
Name Type Comment
Birthdays Gramplet Gramplet Contributor
Name Type Comment
General Rules Filter Rule Bundle Contributor
Genetic Genealogy Filter Rule Bundle Addon creator