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BORN October 17 1969 Bradenton Florida Charlotte Rose Sheley My father Lawrence William Sheley Born January 13 1921 Niagra Falls New York Died October 8 1994 Mount Vernon Ohio Mother Wilma Ann Sheley maiden name BUSKEY Born November 3 1936 Vermount Died 2016 Georgia. I Had 3 sisters from my mom and dad Rose Sheley Teresa Sheley and Lisa Sheley + we Had 2 half sisters Sandra Roberts and Patricia Roberts from marriage between Wilma Buskey and Robert Roberts 1 half brother Lawrence William Sheley Jr. from marriage between Lawrence William Sheley and Laura Stacy. My mother's father was Alfred Alert Buskey he died February 12 1987 in Palm Harbor Florida Moms mom was Rose Mary Ferg uson.My fathers dad was Bert Sheley . MY father's dad was Bert Sheley my farther's mother's Nevia Hugo