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Tellico as GPL certificates manager ?

What Tellico Is

Tellico Collection management software, free and simple. Tellico keeps track of the items in a collection, and offers an easy way to enter data for each entry. It provides several field types, and allows for an unlimited number of user-defined fields. The entries in a collection may be grouped by any field for easy organization, and customizable views show as much or as little information as you like.

What Tellico Is Not

Tellico is not an audio or video player. It does not provide facilities for reading or modifying multimedia files. It also does not provide any image-editing functionality. Although Tellico has some functionality for managing bibliography lists, it is not a full-blown bibliographic reference manager. Tellico also does not pretend to have all the capabilities of a full-fledged relational database,

As somewhat of a disclaimer, Tellico is a hobby for the author, and no guarantees are made about its functionality, usefulness, or otherwise. It's very far from being a professional software package.

Also, it is not a Gramps XML editor ...

How can I use Tellico with Gramps ?

Here two GPL scripts. Improve/modify them for having what you want.

But don't try them with your primary database, export your data to Gramps XML format.


  1. gunzip your exported testing database
  2. open Tellico and go to File->New custom database
  3. File->Import->XSL transform
  4. Select your gunziped data.gramps (filter all files) or your renamed file
  5. Select gramps2tellico.xsl


  1. File->Export->XSL transform
  2. Select tellico2gramps.xsl
  3. Export XML with .gramps as extension

Gramps 3.3.x

For files generated by Gramps 3.3.x, you need to change with a text editor, the namespace on above scripts, from:





You need be warned it is only SOURCE data. That's why, to avoid repository issues, don't export reporef empty hlink. Same thing for images, it is not a relational database. Images are not exported to Gramps XML.

Very experimental, only for testing.

Source fields
Individuals fields

Why is this interesting ?

  • We have an open flat database dedicated to sources and genealogical search.
  • Data entry is facilitated, all is on one dialog.
  • It is not high-level but fast and light, and we don't need java and OpenOffice or LibreOffice.
  • Users made their own fields, XSL and Gramps XML are documented and open.

I acknowledge that I did not test it on long data entry sessions or with a lots of sources. But tellico saves on XML (like gramps): it is a safeguard. For data entry into Gramps, have a look at Census Addon.

See GEPS_018:_Evidence_style_sources and GEPS_023:_Storing_data_from_large_sources for advanced interfaces and models.

Other program

  • Gcensus was an alpha/beta Linux, GNOME-based program designed to be a program to store, index and sort Census data, for either genealogical or historical purposes.

May still be compiled on 2007.

  • Richard Taylor started to work on a Certificate Manager application that he intend to use to enter all his birth/marriage/death and census records.
  • ExpoActes is a belgian (french) PHP/MySQL module for easily displaying, editing and modifying certificates on your web server host and released under GPL. Currently, only import .csv format or NIMEGUE file (Windows program).
  • UNESCO develops, maintains and disseminates, free-of-charge, two interrelated software packages for database management: CDS/ISIS, for information storage and retrieval system.