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a discussion from the irc regarding configuring and English install of Gramps on Mint Linus for German

Guest22 Being new to both Linux (Mint 20)and Gramps (5.1.2), I have a Question. Is it somehow possible to change the language from english to german

azrdev set LANGUAGE environment variable. It used to be documented in the wiki, but I am not finding it at the moment

Guest22 Could explain it in a little more detail? How do I set this variable?

arahael Are you launching it on the command line?

Guest22 I Type "Gramps" in the searchbar

arahael Have you changed the Mint OS user interface to German?

Guest22 No, my interface is in english

arahael Ok, so you want to keep your system interface in english, but only run gramps in german. That can be done. Start your preferred terminal emulator (Eg, Gnome-Terminal) Then type 'export LANGUAGE=de' (without the quotes), Then run gramps from there.

Guest22 how do I run a Software from the Terminal? (installed Linux Mint yesterday)

arahael You type the name of the program and hit enter. I've never used mint linux, so not really sure exactly what the terminal emulator is called. Unfortunately, the Linux mint does not have detailed documentation. Linux is different from Windows or macOS where you would have to change the system settings, then reboot. In Linux you have the option of using the command line instead. You should be able to get lots of help in the IRC channel, their unofficial channel is ##linuxmint (The official place is on, in #linuxmint-help - right now they have more than 200 people there. But 58 people in ##linuxmint here so both have enough of a population to respond well.)

arahael I think the terminal command would be "gramps &" That '&' indicates that you want to run it as a "background" task. That let's you keep using the terminal. Normally, the terminal will wait until gramps has finished.

Guest22 The terminal reported that the GTK is incomplete but it started anyway. And it is in german... so that works better for me

arahael Incomplete? as an error message? We generally prefer the full error message.

Guest22 the error message also was in german I will try to translate it, one moment :)

arahael Nah, don't worry about translating it, you should be able to cut&paste it.

Guest22 not as text, but if I understand it right it just tells me that there might be parts with missing translations.

arahael Ah, that's not too bad, then, as long as you're ok with it. You might be able to contribute translations!

Guest22 Thanks a lot for your help :) I also saved the Chatroom for Linux mint

arahael Oh, one tip, since you're using the terminal to launch it, that terminal is the "parent" process for gramps... And in linux, if you close the parent process, it will close the child process. What this means is that you'll need to keep that terminal open (or minimised) whilst you're using gramps. I recommend you close Gramps first, so that it can close the database safely. (When you're finished using gramps, anyway). Closing the parent will "force kill" the program, and that can be a bit brutal.

Guest22 like task manager in windows? Thanks, I will take care :)

arahael Yes, but harder and more suddenly. :) Task manager in windows will wait 2 seconds if I remember correctly.

Guest22 Something else, do you use this Libera Chat online or is there some kind of chattool that you can install on linux?

arahael I'm old fashioned, so I use the command line. I use weechat. However, you are probably better off using HexChat. To reach the chat room from within Linux Mint, launch Menu ‣ Internet ‣ HexChat.

Guest22 thanks :)

grampsdev Howto:Change the language of reports - Gramps Howto:Change the language of reports From Gramps Jump to: navigation , search Languages : English • Nederlands

We also have a Matrix chat room. You can use a chat client such as Element. The reason I recommended HexChat is because it seemed he was *very* new to linux, and HexChat is the sole chat program mentioned in mint's docs. I'm very unimpressed with mint, though - their documentation is really really minimal and barely covers installation and setup. :( (As in, that's pretty much where their docs stop) grampsdev: that's new, isn't it? I remember LANG= not working on gramps (as opposed to any other software I know), only the custom LANGUAGE=

arahael: that's probably where you're supposed to use the ubuntu docs etc + i think mint has a forum which is quite active azrdev: GNU gettext utilities: The LANGUAGE variable GNU gettext utilities: The LANGUAGE variable

Also see GNU gettext utilities: Locale Environment Variables GNU gettext utilities: Locale Environment Variables I think gramps uses gettext so that should be about right. kk [1990's expression "k, kewl. (Okay. Cool.)"], thanks for the link, learned something new No worries. :)

grampsdev > that's new, isn't it? I remember LANG= not working on gramps (as opposed to any other software I know), only the custom LANGUAGE=

The documentation may be out of date. LANGUAGE is the correct variable to set if you just want to change the language.

emyoulation The lang user docs seem to suffer from the same myopia as many of the early Linux-only docs. They are so focused on the steps that the reader has no awareness of the destination. So they don't gain an appreciation of the trip. Unfortunately, that means if the slightest change invalidates a step, (such as One distro/OS using a different command syntax) then the user cannot adapt.

Here are some instructions written for the Finnish Google Group and adapted from the Isotammi Facebook Group:

Isotammi FB-ryhmässä keskusteltua:

Linuxissa voi englanninkielisen GRAMPSIN käynnistää suomenkielisnä TERMINAALISSA komennolla LANGUAGE="fi" gramps

Windowsissa kielen voi helposti valita Grampsin asennusprosessissa kohdassa "Valitse komponentit", jossa ruksataan "Translation" listasta "fi" .

MacOS ohjeet, miten kielen saa muutettua Grampsiin, mikäli käyttöjärjestelmän kieli ei ole suomi:…/Mac_OS_X:Application… (Esimerkissä laitetaan kieleksi saksa, mutta nyt pitäisi laittaa ”fi_FI”)

After discussing in the Isotammi FB group:

In Linux, you can start English GRAMPS in Finnish in the TERMINAL with the command LANGUAGE="fi" gramps

In Windows, you can easily choose the language in the Gramps installation process in the "Select components" section, where you check "Translation" from the "fi" list.

MacOS instructions on how to change the language to Gramps, if the language of the operating system is not Finnish:…/Mac_OS_X:Application… (In the example, the language is set to German, but now it should be set to "fi_FI")

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