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Greffon / Documentation Type Image Description Utilisation Note (sur 4) Contact Téléchargement
Gramplet connexions approfondies Gramplet
Trouve les relations étroites entre la souche et l'individu actif. Tous 3 Gramps Bugtracker DeepConnectionsGramplet.addon.tgz
Gramplet total des descendants Gramplet
Donne le nombre de descendants pour chaque individu Tous 4 Doug Blank DescendantCount.addon.tgz
Image Metadata Gramplet-v0.1 Gramplet Permet d'ajouter, d'éditer et de supprimer les metadata exif de l'image Utilisateurs avancés ? Rob G. Healey Image Metadata Gramplet
Vues divisées Vues
Un ensemble de vues qui affiche la vue et une seconde partie avec le panneau gramplet. Tous 4 Doug Blank GrampletSidebarViews.addon.tgz
Gramplet Recensement Gramplet
Liste les événements recensement pour l'individu actif. Permet aux utilisateurs de créer et éditer les données du recensement dans un seul formulaire. Utilisateurs avancés 3 Nick Hall Census.addon.tgz
Gramplet Formulaire Gramplet
Formulaire rapide d'édition des données de l'individu Utilisateurs avancés 4 Gramps Bugtracker DataEntryGramplet.addon.tgz
Gramplet FAQ Gramplet
GRAMPS Foire aux questions Débutants 3 Gramps Bugtracker
Headline News Gramplet Gramplet
Shows GRAMPS breaking news, once per hour All 4 Gramps Bugtracker HeadlineNewsGramplet.addon.tgz
Gramplet Note Gramplet
A data entry gramplet for notes. All 3 Doug Blank NoteGramplet.addon.tgz
GoogleEarth Service cartographique NA Affiche les lieux avec GoogleEarth.. Tous 3 Peter Landgren GoogleEarthWriteKML.addon.tgz
All Names Quickview Quickview
Shows all names for all people All 4 Doug Blank AllNamesQuickview.addon.tgz
Timeline Quickview Quickview
Shows timeline of events in immediate family members' lives All 4 Doug Blank TimelineQuickview.addon.tgz
Census Report Report NA Prints census events in a format similar to the original census entries. All 3 Nick Hall Census.addon.tgz
Graphical Report
Ancestor chart.png
Much improved replacements for the Ancestor and Descendant Graphical reports and new Familial Graphical report. All 4 Craig Anderson *soon*
InformationGraph Report N/A Generate detailed GraphViz graphs by spidering over the database. All N/A Bob Ham
Lines of Descendency Report Report NA Prints out all descendency lines from a given ancestor to a given descendent in text. All ? User:Lcc (e-mail) Lines-of-descendency.tar.gz
RepositoriesReport Report
Lists repositories and their related sources informations. All 3 RepositoriesReport.addon.tgz
AttachSourceTool Tool NA A tool to attach a source to a group of people. All 1 Doug Blank AttachSourceTool.addon.tgz
Handle.bash External utility NA A bash script which makes it possible to work with multiple databases merging select branches at will without collisions. All 3 User:Lcc (e-mail) Handle.bash.tar.gz
Place completion tool Tool
Place completion tool empty.jpg
A tool to fill in places. All 3 PlaceCompletion.addon.tgz
SetAttributeTool Tool NA A tool for setting attributes and their values on people. All 2 Doug Blank SetAttributeTool.addon.tgz
TimelinePedigreeView View NA Pedigree showing timeline and relationships. All 3 TimelinePedigreeView.addon.tgz
DenominoViso Web report
Description All 3 DenominoViso.addon.tgz
Graph View Experimental View
Graph view.jpg
A view that displays a descendant tree based on the active person. Requires PyGoocanvas and Goocanvas. Testing NA Gary Burton GraphView.addon.tgz
Calculate Estimated Dates Tool Tool
Calcestdates tab.png
A tool to set estimated birth and death dates. All 2 Doug Blank CalculateEstimatedDates.addon.tgz
Python Gramplet Gramplet
Interactive Python Shell Developers 4 Gramps Bugtracker PythonGramplet.addon.tgz
Django Import/Export Importer/Exporter
Code to import and export your data from gramps-connect All 3 Doug Blank Django.addon.tgz
ExportRaw Exporter
A GRAMPS exporter that will dump your BSDDB database into a flat text version (.raw) of the Python objects. Developers 4 Doug Blank ExportRaw.addon.tgz
ExportSql Exporter
A GRAMPS exporter plugin that will export your BSDDB database as a fully-relational SQLite database. Expert users 3 Doug Blank
Cairo Clock Gramplet Gramplet
A sample Cairo clock gramplet. Developers 1 Doug Blank ClockGramplet.addon.tgz
Plugin Manager Gramplet Gramplet
Lists plugins available for GRAMPS. No longer need with Plugin Manager in Gramps 3.2. Developers 2 Gramps Bugtracker
QueryGramplet Gramplet and Report
A SQL-like query system. All 1 Doug Blank Query.addon.tgz
ImportSql Importer A GRAMPS import plugin that will read a fully-relational SQLite database into your GRAMPS tree. Expert users 3 Doug Blank ImportSql.addon.tgz
libaccess Library
An experimental gen.lib interface. Developers 1 Doug Blank libaccess.addon.tgz