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 Gramps 5.1.2 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.1.2, A new maintenance release.

  • Narweb: Private notes for home, intro and contact. If the notes are private, we can't use them in these pages.
    • 11414: Referenced regions problems. When image width > 800, the referenced regions are incorrectly placed
    • 11382: Ancestor's tree display looks weird Solves the following:
      • Person boxes overlap
      • Some person boxes partially visible or hidden
    • some cleanup in ancestortree.css
    • ancestor tree and long names.
    • Adapt ancestor tree css file for all themes
    • 11357: dates not localised in place pages
    • 11349: Mainz problem with short text in one note, Issue occurs on the homepage and introduction page.
    • bad event links on media pages
    • 11500: Navweb: Don't use media regions in some case:
      • If we don't show families
      • If we don't show events
      • Don't show the media regions for a thumbnail
  • WEBCAL: home link translated to lowercase
    • 11354: Wrong web calendar title on home page. This solves the possibility to have ">", "<" in the title
  • Update LDS Temple list
  • 11917: Make GuiDestinationOption Folder Icon start in users directory
  • 11463: Allow import file filter to accept case insensitive extensions
  • Fix db to warn/prevent opening newer schema versions
  • 11462: Fix Progen import dialog and progress meter for correct parent window
  • 11462: Fix Progen import to correctly handle AKA surnames
  • 11457: Fix ExportPkg so errors are not lost, and has progress bar for media
  • 11457: Fix Export Assistant so error messages get correct parent window
  • 11472: Fix GEDCOM import when family is missing; import created a missing note
  • 11491: Fix Dashboard for adding Gramplet crash in Slovenian
  • Update cs, ca, fr, uk, he, fi, hr, de, sv translation
  • 11470: Update date parsing for czech locale
  • Fix Spanish translation for dates
  • fix private proxy tagref support. Add missing code for event, repository, source, citation and place
  • [Tree doc Tex] fix "-" char on place name "-" can lead to confusion, generating text out of the box with PDF file format
  • [Tree doc Tex] fix typo on custom size
  • 11429: Fix duplicated "døde døde" Norwegion Translation for libnarrate
  • 10124: Fix up Event Editors Place display for bidi text with Gramps ID
  • 11335: Fix issues with RTL languages and LAT/LONG
    • Fix display of GPS coordinates in Places view for RTL languages
    • Fix place editor lat/long entry for RTL languages
  • 11410: Fix GEDCOM export to avoid translated GrampsType strings
  • 11762: Allow Tools with Notbook tabs to expand to fill the window
  • Limit Age Stats gramplet settings to appropriate values.
    • Max ages should be divisible by 5 to avoid out of range errors.
    • The chart width should be greater than 45 to look right and avoid division by zero errors.
  • 11384: Fix the Preferences 'Age display precision' value getting lost
  • 11390: Fix Window family tree title for non-ASCII chars on Windows
  • 11395: Fix Preferences/Genealogical Symbols when only one font is present
  • 1138011339: Fix various Entry fields so Undo/Redo works
  • 11363: Fix tag colors on PedigreeView
  • Fix Gramps -v error when Gtk is not present
  • 11366: Fix for PedigreeView not reflecting changes to birthday or death
  • 11378: ODF DOC - Fix improper escaping in odt output for TOC/Bookmark etc.
  • 11381: Fix CLI parser to accept negative integers as valid
  • 11365: Fix Descendant Tree report for HandleError when no parents on family
  • 11346: Fix Reorder ID tool so subsequent db additions used next possible ID
  • 11316: Upgrade export VCalendar to v2.0, so can export all utf8 characters
  • 11351: Fix Preferences so <ctrl>PageUp/PageDn doesn't stick on Dates tab
  • Graphs: Escape for name, dates and places in graph reports with XML illegal characters
  • 11341: Fix 'Go' menu direct object selection, goes to wrong place

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 5.1.1 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.1.1, A new maintenance release.

  • Update translations: cs, de, fi, fr, he, hr, pt_PT, ru, sv
  • Disable development warning message
  • Add options to sandclock in tree document generator
  • 11321: Using regex in the sidebar gives different result from previous gramps release
  • 11327: Fix odt output when db owner has XML unfriendly chars
  • Update README
    • Bump required Python version to 3.3
    • Add optional fontconfig package
  • 1131811213: Fix CLI crash when generating reports
  • 113201129411279: Fix Statusbar HandleError on merge families
  • 11289: Fix missing tooltip translations in the Note editor toolbar
  • Fix bugs in withinarea filter rule
    • Avoid bad coordinates in the ref place
    • Avoid alphabetic characters in filter rules
    • Could not convert string to float by using withinarea filter rule
    • Difference between sidebar filter and filter rule
  • 11305: Fix Graph outputs for multiple page PDF Postscript
  • 11291: Fix to make Gtk 'action names' always valid
  • 11292: Fix missing menus/buttons when operating in non-English languages
  • 11310: Fix cursor position error in lat and long fields
  • 11308: Avoid all characters looking like a dash in 'Clean input data' tool
  • 11282: Mainz Style sheet weird looking
  • Fix bugs in relationship view
    • Set symbols for the active person
    • Set good symbols for marriage, baptism, cremation and burial
    • 11295: Reduce the size of the sexuality symbol
  • 11284: Fix exception when editing Note with italics/bold etc. in non English
  • 11297: Restore keybindings for gramplet bars
  • 11280: Fix bug in web connection menu launching incorrect web site
  • 11293: Fix translation problem when creating event filter
  • 11290: Error when checking option to add Quit to Taskbar
  • 11283: Make the narratives notes placement an option

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 5.1.0 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.1.0, A new major release.

  • Bump required Python version to 3.3, Gtk version 3.12
  • Update translations: ca, cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fi, fr, hr, hu, is, it, nb, nn, pl, po, pt_BR, ru, sl, sv, uk, vi
  • Change default database backend to SQLite
  • New feature to allow Filter Rules to be added via addons.
  • New feature to use Genealogical symbols. Includes support for views and reports. Edit/Preferences/Genealogical Symbols to enable.
  • New: On restart after crash, offer to run Check & Repair
  • New CLI commands; 'safe' mode and 'default' to help user with debugging Gramps
  • Narrative web fix:
    • some strings not translated
    • The confidence and the date are not translated in the family map page.
    • The date doesn't use the specified date format.
    • Markers incorrectly placed. In the map pages, the markers are not placed where it should be. Reproducible when zoom in/zoom out.
    • Background not correctly set. If you use the Web_Basic-Cypress.css, the foreground and background use the same color, so you see nothing. You must hover the fields to see the text
    • Places list is not sorted depending on the selected language. If you start gramps in english or another language then try to generate a narrative web report in another language, the navigation alphabet is incorrect. This is true for the place list and the person list.
    • OSM forward all http resquest to https.
    • When we are on a mobile phone or a small device, we suppress the navigation tab. In place, we have a new icon on the upper left which is used to show the dropdown menu.
    • For Home, Introduction and Contact, If we have an image and this image contains regions, show the regions. We can go directly to the person page associated to this region. If we click on the image, we go directly to the associated media page. This will be true only if we selected "include images and media objects" and "create and only use thumbnail" is unselected
    • The first line identifying a family will be more legible. The link is not useful in the parents and pedigree section for the current person.
    • Adapt some css files.
    • sort the place references either by date or by name.
    • Add extra page to narrativeweb.
    • extrapage can now point to joomla, drupal, ...
    • add enclosed by and encloses (place)
    • Add compact Ancestry trees using Buchheim/Walker algorithm This enhancement adds a new 'compact' field to the Narrated Web Report. A compact tree is one that is not a simple binary layout but uses the algorithm of Buchheim/Walker to create a layout that is sensible but also compact. Creating a compact layout is slower than a simple binary tree but the results are significantly improved and do not leave large areas of whitespace where there are no nodes to be shown.
    • Make relationships optional in narrative web
    • Option to have Places and Sources pages
    • Narrative should come first right after the name, gender and parent information in individual page
    • References section at the bottom of each place with people related to this place have birth year behind it in parenthesis
    • Sort "Surname" web page by given name and birth date.
    • Surname list doesn't use default name format
    • Display Lat/Lon optionally on places list page
  • Update the uimanager to avoid deprecated Gtk warnings (changes things not visible to the user):
    • Add config option to use Toolbar Text
    • Fix duplicated accelerators in charts <ctrl>P for print is now <ctrl><shift>P
  • Geography:
    • fix pins very big when related to 2 places
    • add color for custom places name
  • fan charts view: Add option to show the Gramps ID in parenthesis in the fan chart.
  • Gramps 'Views' are now named in the window header
  • Allow Home person to be set in Relationship and Charts/Pedigree view
  • Filter Rule editor, save pane position
  • Person Sidebarfilter:
    • Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using 'Event' and Reg expressions
    • In personsidebarfilter, search on each part of name Instead of requiring that the entire search string matches a single one of the Person's names, the function will require that each word in the search string matches any of the Person's name fields.
  • filters rule has attribute: Check all values of an attribute type and not only the first one.
  • filters rule have children person filter: Check all families of a person for children and not only the first
  • Graph reports:
    • Better typography in graph reports Replace hyphen with en-dash.
    • enable Graphviz node port selection, optionable. This enables the headport and tailport attributes for all edges in the Graphviz file. The default (off) value makes the arrows between persons and/or family nodes attach their ends to the respective node at any position. When this option is selected, the position facing the node on the other side of the arrow is always chosen.
    • Fix graphs on Windows for font selection not working
  • relationship graph:
    • Allow an option to not use hexagons for those of unknown gender
    • Father and Mother are connected by an invisible line.
    • Add an option to omit "irrelevant" family nodes
  • Family lines graph: Replace rounded corners checkbox by dropdown It now allows rounded corners to be set more explicitly for different genders (None/Male/Female/Both).
  • Hourglass graph:
    • Add Ahnentafel option on hourglass
    • Do not use hyphen for living persons in hourglass graph
  • edit link: Add a mailto choice to Internet Address
  • New Clean input data tool: New tool to suppress leading and trailing spaces. This tool is looking for people and place names with leading or/and trailing spaces. For each entry which contains leading or trailing spaces, a row is added in a table. You can see where the spaces are for each row as the name is underlined. If you double click on the row, you can edit the Place or the Person.
  • CSV import: Add occupation and residence events and attributes in the import User can now add the following columns in the csv import file for a person:
    • Occupation description
    • Occupation date
    • Occupation place
    • Occupation source
    • Residence date
    • Residence place
    • Residence source
    • Attribute type
    • Attribute value
    • Attribute source the corresponding events will be added to the person. The user can put several lines for the same person if two occupations are known, one event per line will be created.
    • Fix CSV import for multiple place enclosed by on multiple imports
  • Pro-Gen import: expanded functionality and fixed minor bugs.
  • Enhance layout of the preferences dialog
  • Webcal:
    • better help msg for the after year option.
    • Include only events after year
    • add death event
  • Edit Person/Family/etc. Gallery Tab: Add buttons for arrangement of GalleryTab media order
  • Add tooltip for Gramplet Bar To improve discoverability of the Gramplet Bar Menu (Currently a nameless down arrow at end of each Gramplet bar title tab)
  • Use theme settings for the error state of entry widgets. This avoids problems with dark themes.
  • vCalendar export: Convenient display on mobile devices.
  • Add first class support for Occupation attribute
  • Statistics chart:
    • Add option to hide empty information on statistics chart
    • the Statistics Chart report will show a year as an ordinal number in Croatian.
  • Detailed descendant report: Show death/burial information only if person is probably dead
  • Birthday report:
    • Include death anniversaries as an option in the birthdays and anniversary reports.
    • Added an option to the birthday report that allows for the year of birth (or in the case of a wedding it's year) to be printed in the report.
    • Added symbols to the birthdays report showing the type of event
    • Fixed the birthday report so the dead icon is able to be set within the options window
    • Added a text option to have a string that will show after a persons name in the birthday and anniversary report. This works for both birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Selection Dialogs: fix to avoid long delay before display on large trees
  • Geography Maps:
    • Changed behavior of "Look up with Map Services" Removed the section that looked up by city, and country from the Map Services lookup for Google and Open Street Map.
    • Geocoding: associate a lat/lon to a place name
  • End of Line Report: sort generation during output
  • update the German date handler: added some missing Latin month names and some old German month names
  • Relative Gramplet: Person Relatives Tab should use the type from the relationship
  • Fix crash when addon/plugin contains an id with space
  • Fix Delete dialogs: to support canceling the multiple deletes operation more easily
  • Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside of the tool
  • Fix CLI import so that different db types can be used
  • MetaData Viewer Gramplet: Fix so that metadata is actually detected and displayed
  • Fix exception when merging with active sidebar filter
  • Fix GEDCOM importer for SOUR/REFN combinations
  • Add support for GEDCOM import _FREL/_MREL tags in INDI/FAMC
  • Improve support for GEDCOM export of _FREL/_MREL in INDI/FAMC

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 5.0.2 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.0.2. A new maintenance release.

  • Update translations: cs, da, de, fi, fr, hr, it, ru, sl, sv
  • Fix some Gramplets not updating during tree changes after db change.
  • Fix Events Grampslet for bad sort order on dates/ages
  • Fix References Tab to update on Deletes of items when editor is open
  • Fix GEDCOM import for better support of TMG
  • Fix Edit Link 'New' button to work
  • Fix GEDCOM importer to properly handle multiple surnames per 5.5.1
  • Narrative web: Sort problem with places.
  • Fix Navigator sidebar so can change view type with proper resize
  • Fix crash when using sidebar filter and merging in another view
  • Fix AncestorTree so add siblings to center person works
  • Fix graphs on Windows for font selection not working
  • Fix dbapi reindex_reference_maps tool to properly close transaction
  • Fix zoom via mouse wheel in media event editor selectionwidget, also fixes zooming with scroll bars always present
  • Fix metadata viewer so that metadata is actually detected and displayed
  • Avoid comma in a lat/lon entry field.
  • Avoid invalid characters and leading or trailing spaces in the entry field
  • Fix crash for multiple deletes in one transaction
  • Adjust translation strings for unmarried partners to give correct text in English
  • Fix failure after Gedcom import if missing objects were found
  • Mac: Fix none type has no len() error. Set correct font resolution when drawing text directly to cairo.
  • Fix Gedcom import so it doesn't create completely empty Birth events
  • Fix Relationship view so ages are according to Preferences
  • Fix Person Editor Events to properly update during external changes like Event delete or update.
  • Gedcom import/export fixes for mime and finding media
  • Fix Unhandled exception in Geography editor
  • Fix relationship path between filter rule when parent is missing
  • Fix Graphs that use graphdoc pdf via Ghostscript with multi-page for poor font rendering of some characters
  • Fix finddupes tool when run from Match Threshold screen again after merge.
  • Fix Gedcom import for multiple notes on OBJE (MULTIMEDIA_LINK)
  • Deal with SQLite db corrupted by None name mapping
  • Fix XML import to add tags to Events, Sources, Places, Repos, Cits when requested.
  • Fix for delete of a referenced primary obj while editing an added obj. Also fixed to update the referenced obj on changes from outside the editor.
  • Fix Place Tree view when using enclosed by sidebar filter
  • Fix EditFamily for adding a child to single parent family with Surname guessing set to combination.
  • Fix Descendent Tree report for crash when person has multiple families and one of them doesn't have a spouse.
  • Fix Name editor crash after clearing a group_as name on dbapi dbs
  • When we merge two objects:
    • We should stay on the selected row in list views.
    • In case we select the first family and select the gramps_id of the second family, the new gramps_id is ignored
  • Fix Relationship Graph; extra people when using filters & subgraphs
  • Fix Place Format Editor file save/load for difficult names
  • Fix Not all place types appears on family lines Graph
  • Remember location of Sort Events Tool
  • Fix Media editor when using double click the preview of added media
  • Avoid leading and trailing spaces when copy/paste coordinates from a map provider.

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 5.0.1 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.0.1. A new maintenance release.

  • Media Manager: add help button and remove '...'
  • Edit/Preferences: add Help button
  • Style Editor, Document Styles dialog: add help buttons
  • Fix Select Person dialog Help button URL
  • Fix Select Repository dialog Help button URL
  • Relationship Calculator: Add help button
  • Reorder Relationships dialog; add Help button
  • Generate Book Dialog; Fix Help URL
  • Manage Book dialog; add help button
  • Fix Detached Gramplets Help button URL when 'help_url' not in .gpr
  • Fix help URLs when they contain illegal characters and to match wiki section targetID algorithm Issue
  • Update translations: hu, hr, de, ru, fi, pt_PT, fr, sv, sl
  • Fix contents of enclosed_by secondary dbapi column (fixes scrambled places in tree view)
  • Google maps URL problem
  • Fix ODT reports with links when run in non-English languages
  • Allow addon Reports to specify a help button URL for options dialog
  • Fix Rebuild Secondary Indexes tool for dbapi backends. For dbapi backends, this tool will update the secondary columns that are used for indexing.
  • Fix dbapi set_name_group_mapping to properly close transaction
  • Fix Russian date handler crash when Russian language isn't installed
  • Fix Quickview for missing table data on some Gtk Versions
  • Fix startup messages when command line contains a bad filename
  • Restrict Place view Name col to the primary name while allowing searchbar to find alt and primary names
  • Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using 'Event' and Reg expressions
  • Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside of the tool
  • Gedcom export, upgrade OBJE handling to Gedcom 5.5.1 style
  • Fix CSV import to set marriage event role to family
  • Update gramps bugtracker URL in all po files
  • Narrative Web:
    • thumbnails bad alignment.
    • thumbnails problems in some cases.
    • use latest version from openlayers.
    • fixes Space between place, description and the event note when there are many sources.
    • Change the css order between print and screen. The chosen theme can erase prior values.
    • Add a width for the source column in all themes.
    • Events difficult to read (screen and mobile)
  • Fix typo in CitationListModel for sort change
  • Fix Adding "ToDo" note crash when no active object
  • Fix Citation List view Source Last Changed Column to sort properly
  • Fix for re-entrant main window close when user hits 'x' again
  • Fix exception when closing early editor in tree of editors
  • Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for crash on 'x' close
  • Fix ToDo Gramplet for multiple attempts to edit a note
  • Fix Dashboard for multiple copies of a Gramplet
  • Fix Dashboard to recall minimized or undocked Gramplets
  • Fix Statusbar update to avoid intermittent exception on closed db
  • Fix FilterParser for much older 3.x custom_filters.xml files
  • Fix IsDuplicatedAncestorOf filter rule to avoid crash on tree loop
  • Fix StyledTextEditor EditLink for root text changed to zero length in the background Fixes
  • Fix AgeOnDate and some reports using SimpleAccess for missing surname
  • Fix crash when a filter with loop in definition is defined
  • Fix HandleErrors related to LDS
  • Fix ReferencedBySelection proxy for 'None' LDS Parents
  • Fix HandleError in Citations Gramplet for lds place missing
  • Change PlaceView drag from whole row to just icon during drag
  • Add drag Icon to drags from DisplayTabs Gramplet lists
  • Fix dialogs for 'Help' button closes the dialog, and non-functional 'Help'
  • Fix Family Tree manager for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix selectors for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix TestcaseGenerator for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix Selectors to enable the 'Help' buttons to actually work
  • Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Family from EditFamily
  • Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Person from EditPerson
  • Fix Clipboard rows cannot be sorted via drag/drop
  • Better default directory choices for import/export file dialogs
  • Records Report: call name not underlined in HTML
  • Fix InteractiveSearch for find before model is populated
  • Fix Gedcom export for incorrect escaping with @#DFRENCH R@
  • Fix reports for shared event attribute and note errors
  • Fix Fan and Descendant Fan charts in Quadrant and Half Circle modes
    • The Descendant Fan chart had several bugs:
      1. a bug that affected the centering of the chart for these modes
      2. the chart was drawn in the wrong quadrant
      3. the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect (the legend was off the page some of the time).
      4. the sizing of the chart for printing was incorrect (for very small charts of one generation, the legend would overwrite the chart).
    • The Fan Chart for the quadrant view:
      1. the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect (the legend was off the page some of the time).
  • Fixed issues in the Dutch relationship calculator
    • extended the ordinal and removed lists till 50, like the English lists.
    • Fixed bug in which uncles/aunts, nephews/nieces (niblings), siblings and cousins with an unknown gender show up as female.
    • Fixed some misspellings
  • Setting the year as an ordinal number in Croatian; two more reports now show a year as an ordinal number in Croatian
  • fix name-note is not being cleared in Complete Individual report
  • Fix View Column sizing so last column size setting is maintained
  • Fix view so column widths are preserved when using filters
  • fix the place-format option in Detailed Descendant and Detailed Ancestor text reports
  • Fix bsddb for person sort with empty Surname list
  • Webcal: link problems in some cases Year 2016 is highlighted by default instead of current year.
  • Webcal: Missing links when muliyear unselected
  • Geoclose: exception when a family has no father
  • Family Descendant Tree; fix HandleError
  • fix unhandled exception parsing "future dates" in some locales
  • fix Julian/Gregorian calendar issue when entering only year as date when running gramps in Norwegian
  • Fix and restore Statistics Gramplet to 4.2.x status
  • Fix Check and Repair to deal with bad references empty handle string
  • Speed up Check and Repair, backlinks check stage.
  • Fix strings containing deprecated (Python 3.6+) illegal escape sequences
  • Whatsnext: check if db is open, fixes error if not.
  • Fix usage of posixpath; should be os.path for os independence
  • Fix generate_checksum routine to avoid MemoryError crash
  • Fix corrupted Bookmarks that can happen after Gramps crash
  • Fix Merge Family when same parent is missing from both families
  • Fix <ctrl>c in view to get selected item to clipboard
  • Fix Quickview Gramplet so updates work when changing active
  • Fix place reference editor for bad cut/paste on set_latlongitude
  • Fix Find Database Loop Tool (bad import of _collections)
  • mac/gramps.modules: Switch included moduleset to
  • mac/gramps.bundle: File copy doesn't work if the glob can match directories.
  • mac/gramps.bundle: Install the docs/gramps directory in the bundle.
  • debian/changelog: Update the Debian changelog after the 5.0.0 release
  • mac/Info.plist, mac/gramps.modules: Release Gramps-5.0.0 on Mac.

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 5.0.0 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.0.0. A new major release.

  • 10646: Correct binary test logic for primary mask.
  • 10634: Fix BaseSelector to avoid long delay before display on large trees.
  • 10576: Export options > Gui alignment issue.
  • 10585: Fix dialog button order on non-Mac systems.
  • Update Debian directory after Gramps 5.0.0-rc1 release.
  • 10620: Fix Custom filter update when created via sidebar.
  • Fix Gramplet configure (View/Configure) for large options.
  • 10626: Fix IndexError crash in Statistics Charts.
  • 10619: [Mac] Change accel for Undo History. So that it doesn't conflict with a system binding for hiding the window.
  • 10623: Fix Family Lines/Family Colors picker for bad transient parent.
  • 10622: Fix import_as_dict to utilize user gramps_id prefixes.
  • 10615: Fix error when opening bsddb db in read-only mode.
  • 10613: Fix dbapi dbs for closeing read-only db crash.
  • 10614: Fix menus when operating with read-only db.
  • 10420: Fix Name formats to show all parts.
  • 10607: Fix dialogs for crash when canceling via 'x'.
  • Remove obsolete omeat-python-modules dependencies.
  • Update translations: cs, da, de, en_GB, eo, fi, hu, is, it, nb, pt_BR, ru, sk, uk, vi

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 4.2.8 released.

Gramps team releases version 4.2.8. A maintenance release. (Final stable version 4.x.x family of releases before 5.x.x major upgrade.)

A one-bug-fix release that corrects:

  • 10417: Fix Geography views for bad 'dbstate.is_open()'

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 4.2.7 released.

Gramps team releases version 4.2.7. A maintenance release.

  • 10404: Fix Export View to CSV when Unicode characters are present
  • 10196: Fix several intl date displayers for missing parameter
  • 10377: DescendantTree report; fix crashes and Title spacing
  • 10387: Fix Book XML handler to deal with unusual characters in Book name
  • 10223: Add support for new genealogy tree report category
  • 10332: Fix Media Preview Gramplet for closed db
  • 10285: Suport FTM 2017 Gedcom tags on import
  • 10112: Fix Person, Family Sidebar Filters to add custom Event types
  • 10298: Fix QuestionDialog display for html like characters in title
  • 10275: Fix FamilyRelationshpType _DATAMAP order to correspond with values
  • 10262: Fix Gedcom import for illegal Gedcom Family Attributes
  • 10245: Fix Gedcom export for bad Hebrew Months
  • Change INSTALL to replace 'python' with 'python3 for script invokes
  • 10239: Fix CSV importer for place event name using gramps_id
  • 10229: Fix Geography view 'Find' when db is closed
  • 10226: Fix interactive search for exception on click then down arrow
  • Create where_is utility to locate a binary in the standard places
  • 9783, 9395, 8080, 6782, 6108, 6431, 4164, 6108, 6108, 1485, 2964, 2790: Fix relationship Graph so Unicode chars on Multiple pages works
  • Update authors file
  • 10188: Fix Gedcom import for "1 MARR Y" issue
  • 10364: Fix Export Web Family Tree for errors on file write
  • 10351: Fix Citation Editor to Tab out of Confidence ComboBox
  • Reset the dependencies on the new meta-module
  • Use online modules
  • Consolidate Python2 and Python3 meta-modules
  • 10365: Use None as the foreground colour for untagged rows in list views
  • 7749: Fix shading colour in relationship view for dark themes
  • 7749: Fix link colour for dark themes
  • 7749: Fix default foreground colour in list views for dark themes
  • 9932: Fix Undo; crashes due to race in Gtk
  • 7593: Gedcom import with OBJE/FORM URL on event
  • 8788: EOFError [Ran out of input] in Clipboard
  • 7532: Cannot drag & drop textual value via clipboard
  • 10219: Fix 'DbBsddbRead' object has no attribute '_Callback__callback_map'
  • 10206: Reports - Narrated Web Site Failure
  • Fix link path in gramps-launcher compile instructions
  • Update translations: fi, de

See the Changelog.

 Gramps 4.2.6 released.

Gramps team releases version 4.2.6. A maintenance release.

  • 10076: Fix HasCitation rule in citation filter sidebar
  • 10136: Fix use of regular expressions
  • 10135: Date Editor had 'Type' and 'Quality' labels swapped
  • 10077: Fix FamilyGroup Report
  • 10093: Fix names not displayed in relationship graph
  • 10100: Fix outdated Bugtracker link in reporting wizard
  • 9862: Fix replacements in Ancestor tree
  • 10105: Fix Default Browser Setting
  • 9865: Fix linking place on OpenStreetMap view
  • 10096: Fix Family Lines Report having unescaped characters
  • 10095: Fix non-local character in DB name (Windows OS)
  • 9130: Fix checking for "event.string" in "treeview_keypress"
  • 8366: Fix invalid February 29th date in Julian dual-dated
  • 10033: Fix Note on CIR when it is attached to a (preferred or alternative) name through the names dialog.
  • 9880: Improve time loading for person selector in census forms, see also 8785, 9700 and GEP041
  • 9975: Fix incorrect SoundEx result
  • 9904: Fix Error printing on ancestor tree graphical report
  • 9564: Fix custom filter creation with 'Events occurring on a particular day of the week'
  • 9995: Bug in the Name Editor / Group As
  • 9945: Gramps CSV export of Places did not generate correct Title.
  • 9908: Add custom Family Relations not shown in the filter siderbar
  • 9899: Fix non-textual value on Tag report
  • 9878: Fix 'interface.dont-ask' config key ignored on Note edition
  • 8128: Fix Reorder Relationships dialog
  • 9235: Shrink size of Break Lock (and other QuestionDialogs)
  • 9470: Only selection of Active or Home person if commited
  • 9478: Fix quick search exception when nothing in searched list
  • 9612 10005: Fix problem adding parents
  • Fix bookmarks keybinding on Mac
  • Fix failure to load default gramplets if GExiv2 is missing or too old.
  • Update API doc for place displayer
  • Add datestrings to Turkish translation
  • Update translations: cs, de, fr, fi, hu, it, ru, sl, sv, tr

In Memory of Peter Landgren.

See the Changelog.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 4.2.5.

Разработчики Gramps представляют версию 4.2.5. стабильный выпуск.

  • 9340: Конфигуратор допускает неправильную кодировку
  • 9563: Сортировка на вкладке «Семья» при создании веб-отчета
  • 9801: Оставалось молчание в PyGIWarning
  • 9563: Сортировка отношений на вкладке «Семья» при создании веб-отчета
  • 9799: Использование последней действительной даты, а не текущей даты
  • 9813: Изменение обработки эндонима при показе места
  • 9737: Исправлено изменение номера дома
  • 9818: Разрешено слияние семей с одним или несколькими общими родителями
  • 7309: Переход по Gramps ID не работает
  • 9276: Возможность поиска альтернативных географических мест при уже выбранном месте
  • 9815: Исправлено действие очистки карты в разделе «География»
  • 8555: Инструмент восстановления базы данных всегда редактирует все исходные объекты
  • 9812: Инструмент восстановления базы данных игнорировал некоторые объекты с тегами
  • 9534: Грамплет «Закрытие» включает в себя места вне допустимых диапазонов дат
  • 9767: Исправлена иконка и всплывающая подсказка в редакторе LDS
  • 9733: Прерывался импорт CSV
  • 9755: Исправлено дублирование идентификаторов Gramps при импорте Gedcom
  • 9685: Неожиданная ошибка Настройки > Даты > Разметка при неверном формате даты
  • 9458: Исправлено импортирование Vcard, может создавать несколько фамилий со всеми выбранными как «Первичный»
  • 8993: Исправлено импортирование Gedcom на некоторых альтернативных языках; Неправильный анализ даты
  • 9736: Кнопки опций экспорта «Предварительный просмотр» создают скрытый быстрый отчет
  • 9721: Переключатели выравнивания в редакторе стилей не работают
  • 9700: Выбор «Поиск места» и «Источник/Иерархия цитирования» НЕ должны расширяться
  • Улучшены настройки редактора тегов
  • Поддержка для Windows Python3 pythonw.exe
  • 9739: Неверный парсер числового формата даты для cs_CZ локали
  • 9693 9696: Исправление исландских и немецких переводов
  • Исправлен норвежский калькулятор отношений
  • Обновлены переводы: cs, de, fi, fr, hu, is, nb, ru

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 4.0.3 ("It's tomorrow, ask me now", выпуск исправлений).

Разработчики Gramps представляют версию 4.0.3.

  • Исправлено копирование через всплывающее контекстное меню / 7399
  • Исправлено чередование элементов интерфейся при нажатии клавиши табуляции в редакторе имён / 6868
  • Исправлен грамплет цитат в виде «Документы» / 7232
  • Исправлен необработанный сбой при просмотре документов / 7348
  • Исправлен фильтр цитат на боковой панели под python3 / 7370
  • Исправлен механизм добавки ссылок к заметке в режиме HTML / 7357
  • Исправлено сообщение на диалоге создания резервной копии / 6690
  • Исправлено размещение в списках выбора / 7331 7409
  • Исправлена проверка орфографии с myspell и LANG / 7339
  • Исправлено затирание системного графического курсора / 7336
  • Улучшено меню недавно открытых файлов / 7327
  • Исправлены вертикальные переполнения на диалоге инструмента починки базы данных / 7316
  • Исправлена обработка пользовательских полей в инструменте сравнения баз данных / 7209
  • Исправлен сбой при обработке информации EXIF в изображениях под Windows / 7182
  • Исправлен выбор людей в фильтре поиска под Windows / 7179
  • Добавлена возможность запуска Gramps без открытия окна командной строки without под Windows / 7378
  • Прочие исправления, связанные с конкретными ОС / 7313
  • Те же улучшения, что и в 3.4.7.
  • Обновлены переводы: ca, de, fi, fr, ru

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 3.4.7 ("Ask me tomorrow, but not today", выпуск исправлений).

Разработчики Gramps представляют версию 3.4.7.

  • Новый фильтр, выбирающий цитаты с заданным <текстом> в заметке / 7183
  • Добавлена возможность фильтровать не только главных участников события / 6519
  • Добавлена группировка событий по группам в меню выбора типа события, для уменьшения вертикального размера меню / 7342
  • Все диалоги выбора различных объектов теперь содержат столбец «последнее изменение» / 5024
  • Исправлен фильтр на боковой панели цитат (Источник:Заметка) / 7183
  • Исправлен URL в грамплете «добро пожаловать!» в режиме плавающего окна / 7388
  • Исправлен фильтр связей / 5123
  • Улучшена поддержка объектов с цитатами в качестве подобъектов / 7157
  • Исправлена работа с метками в видах, отображающих людей / 7075
  • Не позволять меньше одного столбца на экране / 7361
  • Инструмент «переупорядочить Gramps ID...» теперь работает и с цитатами / 5775
  • Эффективнее работает фильтр предков / 7340
  • Улучшена поддержка нестандартных полей для GEDCOM (family _UID, _FSFTID, ...) от Энно Боргстеде / 6380
  • Уменьшено количетсво столбцов при выборе храма СПД / 7333
  • Исправлено меню для недавно открытых древес / 7327
  • Улучшен диалог для слияния людей / 7147, 7001
  • «Добавить цитату» теперь доступно из всплывающего контекстного меню / 7300
  • Улучшена обработка выбранных частей изображений / 7290
  • Улучшена обработка изображений при отчётах в формате ODF, спасибо Маттиасу Баслеру за предложенный патч / 7288
  • Улучшено размещение в HTML в графических отчётах, использующих GraphViz / 7256
  • Различные улучшения, связанные с закладками / 7229 , 7240
  • Неверные даты (вроде 2013-02-30) больше не приводят к сбою редактора дат или импорта из внешних файлов / 7212
  • Улучшена проверка корректности дат в редакторе дат, и соответствующий интерфейс / 7198, 7212 , 7317
  • Различные исправления при обработке дат / 7197
  • Более осмысленные диалоги при подтвержднии стирания большого количества записей / 7086
  • Многочисленные улучшения для облегчения поддержки и удобства пользователя.
  • Улучшена документация для имён / 6955
  • Обновлены праздники во Франции / 7151
  • Обновления переводов: de, fr, ru

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 4.0.2 ("Добро пожаловать в нашу скромную обитель", выпуск исправлений).

Разработчики Gramps представляют версию 4.0.2. Это выпуск исправлений для Gramps следующего поколения, не переходите на неё с версий 3.x, пока вы не проверили, что она может работать на вашей системе.


  • Слияние цитат работает правильнее для всех объектов с цитатами
  • Исправлен сбой в случае, когда цитаты были указаны для семейных событий
  • Исправлено несколько аварийных сбоев, зависаний, и поломок базы данных
  • Исправлен алгоритм определения живых и мёртвых, что устранило возможность утечки личных данных при экспорте в другой формат или при создании отчёта
  • Экспорт/импорт в формат VCF теперь поддерживает информацию о поле
  • Исправлено несколько ошибок в фильтрах; большинство фильтров теперь поддерживают регулярные выражения
  • Исправлен алгоритм вычисления дат по еврейскому календарю
  • Добавлена поддержка пробела в ID Gramps при экспорте/импорте в фомат GEDCOM
  • Различные исправления в грамплетах
  • Многочисленные исправления в отчётах «веб-сайт» и «веб-календарь»
  • Улучшения в поддержке дат и календарей
  • Исправлен и улучшен веб-сервис
  • Исправлен модуль вычисления различий между разными базами данных
  • Улучшен вид «цитаты»
  • Для разработчиков новых модулей: улучшен интерфейс класса User
  • Улучшения и исправления при экспорте в формат Gramps XML
  • Версия XML изменена на формат 1.5.1
  • Исправлены несколько давно известных проблем при создании отчётов
  • Улучшена поддержка графического интерфейса и отчётов для пользователей со сложными системами письменности (арабский, иврит, и т.д.)
  • Улучшена поддержка выбора языка при создании некоторых отчётов
  • Улучшена система уведомления об отсутствующих модулях, требуемых для дополнительных возможностей Gramps
  • Улучшена поддержка проверки орфографии
  • Исправления ошибок, проявлявшихся под Mac и Windows
  • Для всех географических видов добавлена возможность печати
  • Добавлен алгоритм отображения и разбора дат для арабского и греческого
  • Внесены исправления в перевод (ar, cs, de, fr, lt, nb, nl, ru, sv) и связанные с переводом исправления программы
  • Восстановлены и улучшены тесты, сломанные ещё с версии 3.3.x, что улучшило надёжность работы программы
  • Добавлена поддержка AppData
  • Добавлены новые параметры командной строки -y/--yes и -q/--quiet


  1. OS X: Для Mac OS X вскоре после этого выпуска выдет официальный установщик со всеми компонентами.
  2. Linux: Ожидаются установочные пакеты для различных дистрибутивов Linux. Gramps 4.0 работает только с дистрибутивами, выпущеными с октября 2012. Для более старых дистрибутивов используйте VirtualBox. Некоторые зависимости пока не доступны на большинстве дистрибутивов. Если у вас такая проблема - устанавливайте Gramps из исходных кодов. Подробнее смотрите в пошаговом руководстве по установке для Ubuntu. На Ubuntu компоненты проверки орфографии, географический вид и библиотеку exiv необходимо устанавливать из исходных кодов.
  3. Windows: В последние месяцы было проделано много работы, чтобы получить стек, необходимый для Gramps для Windows. Первоначальный установщик AIO (всё в одном) доступен со страницы загрузки. Кроме того, установка возможна из исходных кодов.

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 3.4.6 ("Ответ на Главный Вопрос", выпуск исправлений).

Разработчики Gramps представляют версию 3.4.6.

  • Слияние цитат работает правильнее для всех объектов с цитатами
  • Исправлен сбой в случае, когда цитаты были указаны для семейных событий
  • Исправлено несколько аварийных сбоев, зависаний, и поломок базы данных
  • Исправлен алгоритм определения живых и мёртвых, что устранило возможность утечки личных данных при экспорте в другой формат или при создании отчёта
  • Экспорт/импорт в формат VCF теперь поддерживает информацию о поле
  • Исправлено несколько ошибок в фильтрах; большинство фильтров теперь поддерживают регулярные выражения
  • Исправлен алгоритм вычисления дат по еврейскому календарю
  • Добавлена поддержка пробела в ID Gramps при экспорте/импорте в фомат GEDCOM
  • Различные исправления в грамплетах
  • Многочисленные исправления в отчёте «веб-сайт»
  • Исправлен и улучшен веб-сервис
  • Улучшен вид «цитаты»
  • Улучшения и исправления при экспорте в формат Gramps XML
  • Версия XML изменена на формат 1.5.1
  • Исправлены несколько давно известных проблем при создании отчётов
  • Улучшена поддержка графического интерфейса и отчётов для пользователей со сложными системами письменности (арабский, иврит, и т.д.)
  • Исправления ошибок, проявлявшихся под Mac и Windows
  • Добавлен алгоритм отображения и разбора дат для арабского
  • Внесены исправления в перевод и связанные с переводом исправления программы
  • Восстановлены и улучшены тесты, сломанные ещё с версии 3.3.x, что улучшило надёжность работы программы

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 4.0.1 ("What is washing when we are on the verge of a great scientific breakthrough?" выпуск исправлений).

Выпущена версия 4.0.1. Это выпуск поддержики для нового поколения Gramps. Перед обновлением проверьте, что данная версия запускается на вашей системе.


  • Gtk3: исправлено меню в редакторе лиц и виде География, исправлен устаревший код
  • Gedcom: Исправлен сбой при экспорте с адресами, исправлен пробел в ID
  • Запрещено создание закладок на источники в виде Цитаты
  • Улучшена поддержка RTL в виде Родословная и позиционировании в грамплетах
  • Исправлено неправильное масштабирование в редакторе адреса.
  • Исправлен сбой в диаграмме предков
  • Исправлены проблемы в навигации при выделеннии строки
  • Исправлен размер окна 'Совет дня'
  • Fix right-click on tables in Quick Views
  • Исправлено повреждение курсора в виде Родословная
  • Улучшен экспорт через командную строку
  • Отчеты: Различные исправления в диалогах, форматах исходящих файлов и сообщениях об ошибках.
  • MacOS: Исправления в именах файлов Gramps URL, путях к изображениям, файлам ресурсов, maclocale, доработка osm-gps-map
  • Перемещение ресурсов HTML из gramps/plugins/webstuff в хранилице данных и изображений
  • Альтернативные имена лиц в грамплете Детали лица (добавил Heinz Brinker)
  • Новые праздники, обработчики дат и отношений для Украины
  • Улучшения в тестировании локализованных обработчиков отношений (Fedir)
  • Больше имен и событий в примере data.gramps
  • Обновления переводов: cs, de, es, fr, hu, nb, nl, ru, uk, и поддержка арабского


  1. OS X: Для Mac OS X вскоре после этого выпуска выдет официальный установщик со всеми компонентами.
  2. Linux: Ожидаются установочные пакеты для различных дистрибутивов Linux. Gramps 4.0 работает только с дистрибутивами, выпущеными с октября 2012. Для более старых дистрибутивов используйте VirtuaBox. Некоторые зависимости пока не доступны на большинстве дистрибутивов. Если у вас такая проблема - устанавливайте Gramps из исходных кодов. Подробнее смотрите в пошаговом руководстве по установке для Ubuntu. На Ubuntu компоненты проверки орфографии, географический вид и библиотеку exiv необходимо устанавливать из исходных кодов.
  3. Windows: В последние месяцы было проделано много работы, чтобы получить стек, необходимый для Gramps для Windows. Мы надеемся, это позволит разработчикам создать установщик AIO (всё в одном), такой же, как и для версии 3.4. В данный момент установка возможна из исходных кодов.

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 3.4.5 ("We have also developed a tomato which can eject itself when an accident is imminent" выпуск исправлений).

Разработчики Gramps представляют версию 3.4.5.

Новая версия решает проблему, обозначеную в версии 3.4.4, и продолжает поддержку ветки 3.4.x.

Главные изменения:

  • Сбой после обновления с версии 3.3.1 на 3.4.4, 6746

Другие изменения в отчетах:

  • Возможность сохранять выходное имя файла, 6720:
  • Отчет "Книга": Подотчеты забывают/перезаписывают свои настройки при попытке изменения конфигурации, 6657:
  • Окно параметров Отчета о завершении родовой линии - изменение выходного формата приводит к изменению активной вкладки на "параметры отчета", 1780:
  • Обновления переводов: de, es, fr, nb, nl, pl, sk

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Gramps 4.0.0 (The "The Miracle of Birth" new major release) released.

Version 4.0.0, the "The Miracle of Birth", has been released. This is a major release, don't upgrade before verifying your system can run it.

As one of the very first big (>386,000 loc estimates at 100 man-years or $5.4 million by OpenHub using the COCOMO model), multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, ...), non-Gnome GTK applications, Gramps makes the jump to GTK 3. At the same time python 2.7 and python 3 are supported, though the last must still be considered experimental. Gramps 4.0 further uses distutils for distribution, so the install sequence is changed.

The Gramps developers have tried to make Gramps 4.0 as identical as possible to 3.4, so no data changes are done, nor are there big interface changes. In other words, a .gramps backup file of version 4.0 will open without problems in Gramps 3.4, giving users the possibility to fully try Gramps 4.0.

Don't be mistaken though, a huge amount of code is new and changed! In order to bring this release we thank the many developers who helped the GTK support on Mac, Windows and Linux forward. Note however, Gramps 4.0 will only work on a top of a very recent sortware stack. A Windows installer will probably not be available soon. In Linux current distro's don't contain the optional packages in the form Gramps 4.0 needs. All this should make clear you can safely keep using version 3.4 and wait for packagers to catch up. People who cannot upgrade the required components but want to use Gramps 4.0 should use it in Virtualbox.

Before Upgrade

Before you upgrade, make sure your family tree data is secure. The best way to do this is:

  1. Start Gramps 3.4
  2. Open your family tree
  3. Export the family tree to the gramps xml format or the gramps xml package format (which includes your photographs and other media files associated with your family tree data). Export your tree via menu Family Trees->Backup....
  4. Close this family tree and repeat the above steps for any other family trees you have
  5. Keep the resulting file(s) in a safe place

Overview of big changes

  • Conversion to GTK 3 and use of gobject introspection, GEPS 029
  • Support for python 3, GEPS 031
  • Code reorganization, GEPS 008
  • Autotools is no longer used for building Gramps, distutils is used, GEPS 026
  • Completely reworked localization handling

Overview of visible changes

See screenshots.

  • The Gramplet view has been renamed Dashboard. This to avoid an overload of the word Gramplet, and to make it more clear to new users what can be expected in this view
  • GTK 3 uses new themes, so users not on Gnome must set a nice GTK 3 theme to fully appreciate Gramps 4.0. Install a GTK 3 theme and set it. If Gramps looks ugly, you made an error in this step.
  • Different sidebar navigators can be installed
  • New Ancestor Fan Chart View and Descendant Fan Chart View, which offer a lot of insight in your family tree on a small space. Direct printing is available from these views.
  • All wizards are reworked, so the exporter dialog, help and bug report dialog are different from version 3.4, but offer the same functions
  • New To Do Gramplets listing all To Do Notes
  • More reports support output in a different language than the interface language
  • Narrative Web has been reworked to make it more stable.

Installation status

  1. OS X: Mac OS X will see an official installer shortly after release with all components
  2. Linux: We expect Linux packages for different distributions. Gramps 4.0 will only work on distributions released since October 2012, use virtualbox for older distributions. Some optional dependencies are not available yet on most distribution at the time of release. If you want those, you need to install them from source, see Ubuntu derivatives walkthrough in the installation guide for these. Specifically for Ubuntu derivatives spell checking, geography view and exiv image data require installation of source components.
  3. Windows: Much work has been done the last months to obtain the stack needed for Gramps on Windows. At the moment only a rough guide on source installation is present. We hope this will allow windows developers to construct an AIO installer as for the 3.4 version

See the Changelog for more details.

 Gramps 3.4.4 (The "The Ministry of Silly Names" bug fix) released.

In order to fix some bugs introduced in 3.4.3 and to prepare for the imminent release of version 4.0.0, the Gramps team releases version 3.4.4.

We advise everybody on 3.x versions to upgrade to this latest and most stable of Gramps versions.

For all users on Linux versions older than October 2012, the 3.4 releases will be the last versions of Gramps that can be easily installed. Therefore, bug fixes will continue for the 3.4 series for at least another year.

Most important changes:

  • 6515 infinite recursion bug in narrative web generation
  • protection on family trees when using version 3.4 and 4.0 on the same PC (road to 4.0)
  • merging notes of media with citations now works
  • 6493: crash during Calculate Preview of a filtered XML export
  • fix annoying errors on navigation related to citations gramplet and tag object.
  • 6483: listing the Family Trees can corrupt them.

Other changes are:

  • various fix around handling Gedcom file format
  • fix citations and sources import on ProGen format
  • better date handling and better alternate translation support on some textual reports according to locale under windows
  • avoid Errors when setting wrong value as markup for invalid dates (Preferences)
  • fix paragraph layout on PDF format or print output
  • New: New-Zealand holidays
  • Polish and backport code on XML import (road to 4.0)
  • Regular expression rules now use search rather than match, fix design issues on regex filter rules
  • Disable/Enable indent spouse on descendants tree
  • fix regular expressions on Place filter rule
  • consistency on cli arguments (road to 4.0)
  • fix call of non-existant process on references proxy, enhanced tests on proxy filter
  • fix NarWeb creation via cli for some non-english locales
  • Various updated translations: ca, de, fr, it, nl, pt_BR, ru, sv, uk

See the Changelog for more details.

 Gramps 4.0.0 Beta released.

One month after Gramps 4.0.0 alpha5, the Gramps Developers have released:

The first Gramps 4.0.0 beta release. This is a preview, so use for testing!"

It is recommended to use Gramps 4.0.0 with python 3.2 so as to be ready for the future (python 2.7 works though).

The dependencies for Gramps 4.0.0 are completely different than 3.4 due to the switch to GObject introspection, and the removal of autotools. So only install 4.0.0 if you are certain you can obtain the dependencies, see README and INSTALL.

Major enhancements in Gramps 4.0.0:

More info in the manual

Everybody is invited to update the manual to make it current!

Changes since alpha5:

  • solidify detection for locale and date environment
  • prevent DB corruptions related to environment (python and bsddb versions)
  • some fixes on bytes, python3, encoding issues
  • some fixes on CLI, draw and textual reports
  • bug fixes on interface, editors, widgets, tree models, handles manager
  • bug fixes on tools, exporter, name, quick views
  • fixes on proxies (references, filters)
  • fix on narrativeweb report
  • fix on book report
  • fix on grampletbar and citations gramplet
  • callback support for TAG class
  • improvement on version (versioning)
  • Gedcom: improvements on ADDR tag and Repositories support
  • better logging
  • better support for pro-gen file format
  • some updated translations

 Gramps 3.4.3 (The "Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown" bug fix release) released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.4.3 of Gramps! "'Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown'", a maintenance release.

The main changes are:

  • Sorting of names, places etc. uses the International Components for Unicode (ICU) libraries which resolves many bugs particularly on MS Windows, and ensures that sorting is the same for all platforms.
  • Addon checking and download works again.
  • A large number of fixes to Narrative Web. In particular, media objects attached to events and sources are now output.
  • Many other bug fixes.

Detailed changes are as follows (numbers in brackets refer to bug numbers):

  • Sorting (both in the main display window, and particularly in Narrative Web output) now uses ICU/PyICU (if that module is available). Inclusion of PyICU is 'strongly recommended'. This resolves a number of bugs particularly related to sorting of non-Latin characters, and sorting on MS Windows and Mac OS X. Some changes have been made in Narrative Web to support contractions for alphabetic indices (2933 3434 3933 4423 5088 5645 5767)
  • The automatic Addon checking and download now works once again (the location used in Gramps 3.4.2 and before had been changed, so the the automatic process was no longer working)
  • Import from Pro-Gen has been updated (at last) to take account of the change to Citations (in 3.4.0) (6195)
  • Import and Export of address fields in GEDCOM has been improved so that the round-trip works properly (6382)
  • GEDCOM Repositories not imported correctly from FTM for Windows and Heredis (6507)
  • Fixes to a number of errors in filtering notes (5058)
  • Fix some errors in determining whether someone is alive (e.g. for filtering out alive people) (4719)
  • Make availability of GraphViz settings depend on output format
  • Improve the descriptions and tooltip for GraphViz aspect ratio option
  • Fixed update problems with citation bottombar gramplet (6336)
  • Fixed Open Document Text output in Book report (6457)
  • fails to load (6514)
  • change the lock strategy and split transactions in Merge citation (06459)
  • Crash when attempting to use Book Report (6247, 6229)
  • A number of changes to Narrative Web:
    • Fix Media objects attached to Marriage events and Sources are not included in Narrative Web Site (6009)
    • restructure the families index so families are indexed under both spouses, and the family name is normalised
    • separate out Families section in individual and families pages so individual page links to the family page and family page links to both people
    • normalise links to families so the link is only displayed if the family page is present, and the gid is included when appropriate
    • remove highlighting of media subregions except in the media pages (it was confusing and not very well implemented)
    • include people whose surname is absent in the individual, surname and families indexes
    • html_escape names and surnames
    • always display media thumbnails for first image in Gallery list (in some cases they were suppressed if they had been displayed at the top of the page)
    • change partner and parent columns in families index to improve the layout of the HTML and put the comma between multiple partners in the right place
    • use event description (where present) instead of just event type in back references
    • fix bug in the way obj_dict and bkref_dict were initialised
    • fix missing document.png for missing media
    • fixed problems that bibliography ignores media attached to citations, so if that is the only 'interesting' thing about the citation, the citation media is not output
    • Replaced person link routine with one that takes into account whether there is a page for the person
    • Included repository reference media type and call number in the 'Repositories' section of the relevant source instead of the Repository page
    • Implemented a generalised back reference function to display the 'References' section of all pages. This recursively displays references till one is found for which a page exists
    • Removed list of people and families from heading of the event pages as these are now in the 'References' section
    • Fixed Narrated Web Site not copying Source Citations files such as jpg or pdf docs to web site (5968)
    • Fixed GRAMPS failed to insert jpeg image into proper place for an event" by displaying a thumbnail for citation media in the 'Source References' section (with a link to the media page) (5946)
    • Tidy up media pages - remove unused parameters, use list of media items generated in first pass (2365, 5905 and 6009)
    • Tidy up sources pages - fix numbering of repositories, remove unused parameters, fix title of individual source pages
    • Reset NarrWeb navigation menu layout when style sheet doesn't support it
    • Change Source Pages to use the list of sources generated by the first pass that finds objects to be output, and simplify references section on the Source page to use the references passed to it
    • Fix option to suppress Gramps ID (6237)
  • a number of technical changes to Narrative Web
    • Removed a lot of redundant code and parameters (mainly connected with the old way of determining the objects to be included in the report).
    • Movement of some large chunks of code within the source file and some initial work towards GEPS 022: Narrative Website Refactor. Functionality should be unchanged.
    • Moved routines for calculating objects to be output so they can be part of default list building classes
  • Various updated translations: da, de, es, fr, it, nb, nl, pt_BR, pt_PT, sv, uk

See the Changelog for more details.

 Выпущена версия Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha5.

Разработчики Gramps представляют:

НЕСТАБИЛЬНУЮ Версию Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha5.

Отличия от версии alpha4:

  • Переход на grampslocale, const
  • Переход с pyexiv2 на GExiv2, metadata
  • Улучшены журналы
  • Улучшение кодировок, unicode
  • Согласованность диалогов и настроек (reports)
  • Исправления в Web-отчетах
  • Интеграция с PyICU, функции сортировки
  • Учтены особенности ОС: Mac, Windows
  • Географические виды
  • Возможность использовать последнюю версию gtkspell
  • Отладка инструментов, библиотек, базы данных
  • Исправления в именах файлов, фильтрах, экспорте
  • Новый скрипт установки для UNIX-подобнынх ОС
  • Усоверженствование эскизов, gdkpixbuf для Windows

 Выпущена версия Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha4.

Разработчики Gramps представляют:

НЕСТАБИЛЬНУЮ Версию Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha4.

Отличия от версии alpha3:

  • Усовершенствование программы установки
  • Улучшение управления версиями с поддержкой системы версий svn
  • Исправление некоторых проблем ОС и зависимостей
  • Дополнительная кнопка закрытия на вкладках панели грамплетов
  • Вид Грамплеты стал инструментальной панелью
  • В виды добавлена колонка "закрытый"
  • Исправление проблем кодировок
  • Оптимизация IO при импорте XML
  • Усовершенствование Web app
  • Согласованность закладок, улучшенная навигация и обзор модели Видов
  • Новый фильтр для поиска близнецов
  • Новый грамплет ToDo
  • Улучшенная поддержка python 3
  • Новые возможности в результате перехода на PyICU
  • Исправление ошибок (в отчетах, форматах файлов, инструментах, и т.д.)
  • Обновления переводов

 Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha3 released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

UNSTABLE Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha3 release.

This release should fix a major bug in upgrade code that causes broken family trees if you upgrade a family tree from 3.3.x.

Changes since alpha2:

  • ability to add a tag when importing. Adds preference, and tag on import for CSV, XML, and GEDCOM file formats.
  • improvements on
  • New URL for gramps-addons
  • better LANG variable management
  • better support for python 2 and python 3
  • bug fixes

 Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha2 released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

UNSTABLE Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha2 release.

This is a technology preview to allow plugin writers and packagers-installer writers to update their plugins and scripts. This release is not production ready, so use for testing!"

It is recommended to use Gramps 4.0.0 with python 3.2 so as to be ready for the future (python 2.7 works though).

The dependencies for Gramps 4.0.0 are completely different than 3.4 due to the switch to GObject introspection, and the removal of autotools. So only install 4.0.0 if you are certain you can obtain the dependencies, see README and INSTALL.

Major enhancements in Gramps 4.0.0:

More info in the manual

Everybody is invited to update the manual to make it current!

On 2012, there was around 2227 commits on code, making an average of more than:

  • 6 changes per day
  • 43 per week
  • 185 per month.

 Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha1 released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

UNSTABLE Gramps 4.0.0 Alpha1 release.

This is a technology preview to allow plugin writers and packagers-installer writers to update their plugins and scripts. This release is not production ready, so use for testing!"

It is recommended to use Gramps 4.0.0 with python 3.2 so as to be ready for the future (python 2.7 works though).

The dependencies for Gramps 4.0.0 are completely different than 3.4 due to the switch to GObject introspection, and the removal of autotools. So only install 4.0.0 if you are certain you can obtain the dependencies, see README and INSTALL.

Major enhancements in Gramps 4.0.0:

More info in the manual

Everybody is invited to update the manual to make it current!

 Выпущена версия Gramps 3.4.2 ("We're all individuals!", выпуск исправлений).

Разработчики Gramps представляют:

Версию Gramps 3.4.2! "'We're all individuals!", выпуск поддержки.

  • Исправления в отчете Повествовательный сайт
  • Исправления в отчета Книга
  • Улучшения в интерфейсе пути к БД и настройках пользователя
  • Согласованность отображения имен при использовании регулярных выражений
  • Исправления, специфичные для ОС Windows
  • Улучшена поддержка ссылок в файлах Gedcom
  • Исправлена возможность некорректных семейных отношений в файлах Gedcom
  • Различные исправления в цитатах
  • Исправления и улучшения при обработке мест в виде География
  • Исправления в аргументах командной строки
  • Улучшения при создании файлов PDF
  • Новый язык: Греческий
  • Различные обновления в переводах

Подробнее в журнале изменений.

 Gramps 3.4.1 (The "A tiger? In Africa?!" bug fix release) released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.4.1 of Gramps! "A tiger? In Africa?!", a maintenance release.

Upgrading is advised for three critical issues:

  1. the Merge Citations tool sometimes ignores the presence of Notes when deciding whether to merge citations, now fixed
  2. error in export to xml of family order in 3.4.0, now fixed
  3. crash in windows after some use due to too much terminal output in 3.4.0, now fixed
  • Some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX)
  • Bug fixes
  • Translation updates

See the changelog for more details.

In Memory of Rob G. Healey.

 Gramps 3.4.0 (The "always look on the bright side of life" feature release") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.4.0 of Gramps! "The always look on the bright side of life feature release.

  • 'Source References' have been replaced by 'Citations' which have the new characteristic that they can be shared and can have media objects and 'data' elements attached to them (see GEPS 023 for a long rationale and explanation of the change)
  • 5599: New GEDCOM import report that shows any problems encountered with the import
  • common check during all imports to fix any dangling refernces
  • lots of changes and bug fixes to every part of Gramps, including XML import/export, image handling, gedom handling, Gramplets, date handling, citations, reports, more!
  • some platform-specific fixes (Windows, OSX, Linux)
  • many translation updates
  • 30 bug fixes and improvements [[1]]

More information (and what to do before you upgrade)

 Gramps 3.3.2 ("The Knights who say 'Ni'") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

'Version 3.3.2 of Gramps! "The Knights who say 'Ni", a bug fix release.

  • expressive error when trying to load familytree with downgraded Berkeley db
  • fix in the image offset calculation (MediaRef Editor)
  • improved focus and bug fixes on Editors
  • enhancements on ODT file format
  • improved synchronization on gramplets
  • export, filtering and database log improvements
  • call of living proxy is more accurate when using NarrativeWeb report
  • fixes on Check and Repair, Sort Events and Clipboard tools
  • fix automate version
  • fixes on PedigreeView (database state and mouse events)
  • various fixes and improvements on merge code
  • minor fixes on report interface and output
  • various fixes on Narrative and Web Calendar reports
  • minor issues on Gedcom handling
  • cleanup
  • add Japanese holidays (reports)
  • add a Relationship calculator for Catalan
  • more than 50 bug fixes and improvements [[2]]
  • translations update: ca, cs, de, es, fr, hr, hu, it, nb, nl, nn, pl, sv, zh
 Linux Genealogy CD 6.1
2010.12.04 The GRAMPS project is pleased to announce the new release of the Linux Genealogy CD 6.1. This Live CD is based on Ubuntu 10.10 (The Maverick Meerkat ) Desktop CD and, features a pre-installed GRAMPS 3.2.5, as well as GraphViz program to draw pretty graphs in with GRAMPS.

With this disc, you can boot and run Linux genealogical (and other) software without touching anything on the hard drive. In addition to the Live Session, this disk also allows permanent installation of Linux and genealogical software on your computer's hard drive.

Download and details: see Linux Genealogy CD

 Gramps 3.3.1 ("The Tenth Anniversary Edition") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.3.1 of Gramps! "The Tenth Anniversary Edition", a bug fix release.

  • translation updates: ca, cs, de, fr, hr, it, nb, nl, pl, pt_br, sk, sl, sv, uk, zh_cn
  • new languages in this release: ja (Japanese), vi (Vietnamese)
  • 36 bugs closed since v3.3.0 [[3]]
  • 79 translation commits since v3.3.0
  • 189 code commits since v3.3.0
  • ten years since v0.1.1 was first released
  • "Thank you!" to Donald Allingham, The Gramps Developers, translators, and our every day users
 Gramps 3.3.0 ("Prelude to the next version") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.3.0 of Gramps! The "Prelude to the next version", a new major release.

  • many translation updates: Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Irish, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Swedish, Ukrainian, and more!
  • new “person name” dialog and workflow with better (or new!) support for nickname, complicated multiple surnames, patronymic as surname, family nickname, and name format preferences
  • gramplet bottombar and sidebar per view, with new gramplets such as details view and image metadata viewer/editor
  • ability to tag objects; this is the next version of what used to be called “markers” in previous versions of Gramps
  • geography view now uses osm-gps-map
  • new locality field in the place editor; hierarchy is now: Country, State, County, City, Locality, Street
  • automatic check and upgrade of plugins on startup
  • improved merge support of objects
  • better descendant/ancestor tree reports
  • undo/redo on entry fields (CTRL+Z, CTRL+ Shift+Z)
  • backup option in the exporter
  • exporter based on filters with preview
  • many more changes; see What’s new.
 Gramps 3.2.6 ("So far, so good.") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.2.6 of Gramps! The "So far, so good." bug fix release.

  • fix memory leaks
  • fix corrupted reports
  • fix crash in gramplets
  • fix gedcom import and export
  • import speed improvements
  • NarrativeWeb fixes
  • prevent corrupting databases
  • many translation updates
  • other changes; see the changelog and the 3.2.6 roadmap
 Gramps 3.2.5 ("I intend to live forever") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.2.5 of Gramps! The "I intend to live forever" bug fix release.

  • fix Gramps so it again runs with Python 2.5
  • write all notes and sources to gedcom files
  • cli fixes
  • GeneWeb and LegacyGedcom fixes
  • NarrativeWeb fixes
  • memory leak fixes
  • various other small fixes
  • many translation updates
 Gramps 3.2.4 ("Tententen") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.2.4 of Gramps! The "Tententen" bug fix release.

  • fix a crash on newer distro's after an export is finished
  • styled notes cleanup and consistency improvement (nar web behaves like the pdf/html output of reports)
  • newlines in styled notes are written as newlines so users can make simple lists
  • many NarrativeWeb fixes
  • gedcom output fixes
  • non latin character fixes (mainly for windows)
  • recursive filter fixes
  • undo fixes
  • many translation updates
 Gramps 3.2.3 ("I used to eat there. Really good noodles.") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.2.3 of Gramps! The "I used to eat there. Really good noodles." release.

  • Bug fixes:
    • several GLADE fixes
    • several GEDCOM fixes (both export and import)
    • several crash fixes
    • encoding fix (Windows only)
    • privacy/living fixes
    • updates to NarrativeWeb and the css stylsheets
  • Translation updates: bg, ca, de, es, fr, he, nb, nl, pl, sk, sv
 Gramps 3.2.2 ("Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.2.2 of Gramps! The "Mea navis aëricumbens anguillis abundat" release.

  • This release is a quick fix to a problem introduced by NarrativeWeb in the previous release.
  • Also includes a few small fixes and translation updates to hr and it.
  • See the release notes from the 3.2.1 release for the full list of changes and translation updates.
 Gramps 3.2.1 ("One of those men is my father") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.2.1 of Gramps! The "One of those men is my father" release.

  • Many bug fixes:
    • fixed missing icons
    • load/reload plugins must unload old plugins
    • import/export fixes (date ranges, underscore, latitude/longitude)
    • narrative web crash fixes and many updates, html notes, css updates
    • geoview fixes and updates
    • unicode error in soundex
    • fixed crash on data entry
  • Translation updates: bg, ca, de, es, fr, he, hr, it, nb, nl, sk, sv
 Gramps 3.2.0 ("I am your father") released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.2.0 of Gramps! The "I am your father" release.

  • New Plugin System:
    • In the Help Menu -> Menu Status, all available plugins are visible. All plugins can be hidden, saving resources and hiding options you do not need.
  • Faster:
    • Many under the hood improvements have occurred that should improve performance enormously. New features are implemented as plugins that can be hidden.
    • Performance improvement example: Insertion of a new person in a family tree with 30000 people previously took 4 seconds on a 1.4GHz PC running Gramps 3.1, but now takes milliseconds.
  • New Views:
    • There are new views, and some existing views have been greatly improved.
    • People view can now be sorted on the columns.
    • A Place treeview is present, nicely grouping your places under country groups.
    • GeoView has left it's beta status behind and shows your data on an online map (OpenStreetMap or Google Maps, a fast internet connection is required).
    • Help Menu -> Extra Reports/Tools open a webpage with downloadable views.
  • Other improvements:
    • Styled Notes now in most output formats that support styles.
    • New languages.
    • Select language in which report should be created (not yet available in all reports).

More info

 Gramps 3.1.3 ("What Name?") released.

The GRAMPS Developers have released:

Version 3.1.3 of GRAMPS! The "What Name?" release.

  • Contains translation updates, crash fixes, bug fixes, and minor updates.
  • fixes and updates to:
    • notes, date handler, GEDCOM parser, GEDCOM export, PlaceView,
    • thumbnails, unicode/text truncation, Gramplets, gtk 2.18/Ubuntu 9.10,
    • xml export/import data loss, GeneWeb GEDCOM import, css updates
  • several MacPorts-specific fixes
  • several Windows-specific fixes
 Gramps 3.1.2 ("Skip the impersonations") released.

The GRAMPS Developers have released:

Version 3.1.2 of GRAMPS! The "Skip the impersonations" release.

  • Contains mostly translation updates and small bug fixes. No new features.
  • sv, de, fr, ca, sk, ru, pt_br, it, he, nl, cs, nb, nl, pl
  • fixes a failure in 'Check & Repair Database'
  • fixes to Gramplets
  • fixes to CLI regressions
  • fixes to use of Latin1 character set in Graphviz reprts
  • fixes to many reports
  • fixes to the clipboard
  • fixes to NarrativeWeb
  • fixes to importing from older XML files
 Gramps 3.1.1 ("Spam, bacon, sausage, and spam") released.

The GRAMPS Developers in collaboration with Green Midget Café presents:

Version 3.1.1 of GRAMPS! The "Spam, bacon, sausage, and spam" release.

  • The release of 3.1.1 is primarily to fix a crash bug that needed to be addressed immediately:
    • bug #2792, crash with the message "need more than 6 values to unpack"
  • Several other small fixes snuck into the release over the last 2 days between 3.1.0 and 3.1.1:
    • add a warning when installing from .tar.gz
    • bug #2121 - graphviz reports were generated off-page
    • various gramplet fixes
    • several text typo fixes and translation updates (de, fr)
    • bug #2772 - name display format
    • bug #2789 - fix for HTTP 404 in NarrativeWeb due to bad relative path
 Gramps 3.1.0 ("I am the director of a publishing company") released.

The GRAMPS Developers and community proudly presents:

Version 3.1.0 of GRAMPS! The "I am the director of a publishing company" release.


  • Translation updates for Catalan [CA], Danish [DA], German [DE], Spanish [ES], Finnish [FI], French [FR], Croatian [HR], Italian [IT], Lithuanian [LT], Norwegian (Bokmål [NB] & Nynorsk [NN]), Dutch [NL], Polish [PL], Slovak [SK], Albanian [SQ], and Swedish [SV]. Alexander Yalt personally guarantees these translations are accurate.
  • "I will not buy this record." (Too many changes and bug fixes to list since 3.0.0 was released 1 year ago in March 2008.)
  • "My hovercraft is full of eels." (Fixes, fixes, and more fixes. Several new features, styled notes, updates to gramplets and reports.)
  • "If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" (Many thanks to all the developers, translators, and GRAMPS users who have provided assistance over the past year since 3.0.0 was first released.)
  • "You have beautiful thighs." (Since 3.0.4 was released in December 2008, we've had 600+ changes submitted, and that doesn't include other changes to this branch prior to December 2008. This is a very active release! See ChangeLog for the full details.)
 Gramps 3.0.4 ("All the children sing") released.
2008.12.06 This release contains the following:
  • Translation updates for ca, de, fr, it, lt, nb, nl, nn, pl, ru, sv
  • Bug fix #2504: sorting issues with non-English languages
  • Bug fix #2509: filter string match with non-ASCII characters
  • Bug fix #2483: DbError handling
  • Bug fix #2486: drag-and-drop workaround
  • Bug fix dealing with importing notes from csv
  • Bug fix #1601: import open error
  • Bug fix #2518, #2529, and various other fixes for shortcut key confusion
  • Bug fix #2483, 2520, 2524: change in bdb attributes and methods
  • Bug fix #2512: python 2.6 support
  • Bug fix #2485: cannot create new family tree
  • Bug fix #2507: unhandled exception when pasting invalid string
  • Bug fix #2503: change to use of md5 module
  • Bug fix to .desktop file
 Gramps 3.0.3 ("I have this terrible feeling of déjà vu") released.
2008.10.19 This release contains the following:
  • Fix to prevent GRAMPS from hanging when running Graphviz reports
  • New translation: Catalan (ca)
  • Translation updates for de, fr, it, nb, nl, no, ru
  • Clean up references to gconf
  • Fixes for linking to the wiki manual
  • Small fixes in grampsxml DTD
The primary reason for the 3.0.3 release is to fix the Graphviz report hang issue introduced in 3.0.2.
 Gramps 3.0.2 ("You look like a milkman to me") released.
2008.09.27 This release contains many bug fixes.
  • Translation updates for de, fr, hr, nl, no, pl, ru, sv
  • Many bug fixes (see ChangeLog for full list)
  • Several fixes backported from trunk
  • Many fixes to report plugins
  • Windows-specific fix for RCS
  • GEDCOM fix for ADDR
  • Fix for media with non-ASCII characters in filename
  • Fixes to Gramplets
 Linux Genealogy CD 4.0
2008.06.26 The GRAMPS project is pleased to announce the new release of the Linux Genealogy CD 4.0. This Live CD is based on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) Desktop CD and, in addition to the regular Hardy, features pre-installed GRAMPS 3.0.1, GeneWeb, and LifeLines applications, as well as GraphViz program to draw pretty graphs in GRAMPS.

With this disc, you can boot and run Linux genealogical (and other) software without touching anything on the hard drive. In addition to the Live Session, this disk also allows permanent installation of Linux and genealogical software on your computer's hard drive.

Download and details: see Linux Genealogy CD

 Gramps 3.0.1 (Don't call me "Señor!") released.
2008.05.17 This release contains many bug fixes and updates!
  • Translation updates for de, es, fi, fr, hr, lt, nb, nl, pl, sk, and sv!
  • Bug fixes for the book report!
  • Various improvements for the Relationship, Familylines and Hourglass graphs!
  • Improvements to the narrative web report!
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes!
  • See ChangeLog for full list of changes!
A big "thank you!" to everyone who helped make this happen!
 Gramps 3.0.0 ("It was just getting interesting.") released.
2008.03.24 This release contains many new features and updates, among which:
  • New database format: family trees (grdb format deprecated, only for import)
  • New Family Tree manager, allowing create, deletion, renaming, repair and revision control. Only Family Trees can be edited, all other supported formats must be imported.
  • Notes as separate objects, see all your notes in the NoteView
  • Objects can have multiple notes.
  • Gramplets: small genealogy applications within GRAMPS
  • Quick Reports: small reports accessible from the views
  • Reports: new reports and report improvements, among which improved and restyled narrated web report and family lines
  • Rewrite of the GEDCOM parser
  • Filtered export to all export formats
  • New artwork based on the Tango guidelines
  • LDS temple definitions moved to supporting file
  • Export views to a spreadsheet
  • A wiki manual
  • Many, many, many other great and small improvements (new export assistant, no more gconf, new filters, ...)
 Gramps 2.2.10 ("Lemon Curry?") released.
2008.01.13 This release consists primarily of bug fixes and translation updates.

Gramps team releases version 2.2.10. (Final stable version 2.x.x family of releases before 3.x.x major upgrade.)

Version 2.2.10 -- the "Lemon Curry?" release:

  • fixes for several database corruption issues and crashes (Benny, Gary, Jim)
  • fixes for Gedcom, ANSEL and XML import/export issues (Jim, Benny)
  • translation updates (various: bg, de, fi, fr, lt, nb, nl, no)
  • various small fixes to several reports (Stéphane, Gary, Benny)
 Linux Genealogy CD 3.0
The GRAMPS project is pleased to announce the new release of the Linux Genealogy CD 3.0. This disk is based on Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) and features GRAMPS 2.2.7, as well as other genealogy software: GeneWeb and LifeLines. The disk can be used both as a Live Session CD, and as the installation disk to install Ubuntu and genealogy software permanently on your hard drive (if you so wish). Download and details: see Linux Genealogy CD