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It is important to know your history, to know where you come from, so you can understand where we are going, and what we have achieved. Here is an overview of the history of Gramps.

The releases so far

Gramps officially started April 21, 2001 when Don Allingham shared his hobby project. Don has written up a great blog entry on how it came about. The first stable release was born on February 11, 2004 after a few years of gestation. More can can be learned about the early releases from the Previous Releases overview.

There have been major release about once a year on average. Each new version has recognized and imported the previous schema version. However, some releases required updates to the database backends which resulted in breaks in the backwards compatibility. See Database and XML schema version page for specifics. Also see the Data Model for Schema Version 17.

The table below shows the main changes in some recent releases.

Version Release
2.2.x 2006 13 important improvements
2.2.1 29 Oct 2006 13 Support for MS-Windows
3.0.0 24 Mar 2008 14
3.2.0 15 Mar 2010 14 Modify Notes and Dates
3.3.0 11 Jun 2011 15 Add tagging and surname list
3.4.0 21 May 2012 16 Replace Source ref with citations
4.0.0 21 May 2013 16 Conversion to GTK3 and support Python 3
4.1.0 15 Jun 2014 17 Create place hierarchy added
4.2.0 02 Aug 2015 18
4.2.5 15 Dec 2016 18
4.2.6 01 Aug 2017 18
5.0.0 24 Jul 2018 19 Support for multiple DBMS(database backends)
5.1.0 14 Sep 2019 19 SQLite becomes default database backend
5.2.0 23 Feb 2024 20 add source citation lists to event reference objects

Evolution of Gramps some screenshots

Obviously the sidebar has changed on most releases. Originally the icons where semi-realistic, but Gramps has adopted the Tango style for its icons.

The sidebar in Gramps
2.0.x 2.2.x 3.0.x 4.1.x 5.0.x

Gramps sidebar 2 0.png

Gramps sidebar 2 2.png

Gramps sidebar 3 0.png



The main window looks have changed by version as follows:

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