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Gramps 4.1 Wiki Manual - User Directory

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This appendix provides the reference to the Gramps user directory available on various operating systems.


The location of your Gramps user directory depends on the operating system you are using and how you have set up your computer.
In the table below <~username> should be replaced by the name you use to log in to your computer.

POSIX - style systems

The default user directory location for Gramps in a POSIX-style environment is:


This is true for BSD, Linux, Solaris, Unix and Mac OS-X when using Mac OS X Build from source.

Mac OS X

On Macs, filenames starting with "." do not show up in Finder. To make access to the Gramps user directory easy, open a terminal window with Finder-Applications-Utilities-Terminal and type there

ln -s .gramps gramps_user_directory

which will allow Finder to show the contents. Or simply click on Go -> 'Go to Folder...' in the Finder, and type


in the Go to Folder dialog box.

The default location for the Mac OS X:Application package is

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/gramps

MS Windows

The default location for an installation on a Windows 7 and higher system is

C:\Program Files\GrampsAIOXX-4.X.X

The default location for an user data on a Windows 7 and higher system is


On Windows XP and earlier for user data, it is

C:\Documents and Settings\<~username>\Application Data\gramps
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