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(What does "portable" mean?)
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GRAMPS 3 的数据库
GRAMPS 3 的数据库(.grdb文件)十分依赖于创建文件的软件的版本。比如,你不能将你的GRAMPS数据在拷贝到不同的操作系统下(或者不同版本的操作系统下使用),并希望能够读取你的数据。这些数据时“非可移动的"。因此你不能期望依赖这些格式的备份,你应该时时导出数据到可移动形式的格式。现有两种可选的格式:GEDCOM和GRAMPS XML(.gramps 或者.gpkg)。但是仅仅GRAMPS XML被推荐使用,因为它将保存你所有的数据。
A GRAMPS 3 database (and any .grdb file) is very dependent on the software versions that created it. For example, you can't just move your GRAMPS data in these formats to a different operating system (or even a different version of an operating system) and expect that you will be able to read your data. The data is not "portable". Therefore, you can't just rely on backups of these formats, but you should also occasionally export into a format that is portable. There are two possible portable formats: GEDCOM and GRAMPS XML (.gramps or .gpkg). But only GRAMPS XML is recommended, as it faithfully saves all of your data.
===Why is the database format (GRDB) not portable?===
===Why is the database format (GRDB) not portable?===

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GRAMPS不收取任何安装 installed费用。GRAMPS是一个开源程序,遵守GNU通用协议。你可以获取源代码,并且可以将程序和源代码分发给其他人。


支持,现在GRAMPS已经被翻译成了23种语言, 请参照 GRAMPS translations.



备份你的数据并保存在安全的地方十分重要。GRAMPS有一种特殊的可携带的文件格式,它小巧且容易识别,以.gramps 作为文件后缀。

你可以将你的备份文件实时拷贝到保存位置(比如,U盘)。【注意: .gramps 文件是一个压缩文件。双击将会打开GRAMPS程序。如果查看XML文件选择他们并用解压缩工具(比如ark,gunzip)打开,之后你可以解压缩出可读取的XML文件,具体请参照 details】。

GRAMPS 支持快速后台备份,当有错误出现时允许保存。如果安装了正确的软件包,你可以使用修改的程序。

其他方法就是备份隐藏的的目录./gramps. 这个目录位于linux系统的主目录下。备份你的目录将会备份你的数据库和修改的内容。

不要在GEDCOM中保存备份。并非GRAMPS存储的信息可以在GEDCOM中保存。因此,一次导入/导出操作 从GRAMPS-->GEDCOM-->GRAMPS,可能意味着丢失数据。请使用 .gramps 文件格式备份!

不要以GRDB格式备份. GRDB 是一种数据库,它有可能依赖于某些计算机 (但是可能不能在某些电脑上读取数据).对GRDB文件的微小损坏也可能不能修复。请使用 .gramps文件格式备份!

GRAMPS 是否支持 Unicode 字体?


支持,GRAMPS内部支持Unicode (UTF-8), 因此所有的字母可以在全域内使用。虽然某些PDF/PS文档你需要与gnome-print或者openoffice配合使用,所有报告都支持Unicode字体。


在linux,solaris,或者FreeBSD 下安装都需要哪些条件?

GRAMPS 是一种GTK 应用程序. GRAMPS 需要安装 pygtk 库安装在系统上.一旦所有条件满足,GRAMPS就可以启动了。如果GNOME与python绑定安装在系统上,GRAMPS将会有额外的功能。GRAMPS计划推荐2.8版本以上的GTK。

GRAMPS 是否可以在Windows系统下安装?

Linux Genealogy CD 可以作为一个启动光盘,即使你的电脑是Windows系统,你也可以运行Linux和GRAMPS。
Windows installer 也已经可以下载了,虽然我们还没有足够的人手提供对windows系统的支持。 windows mailing list


请参照 GRAMPS_and_Windows 了解在对windows系统中使用的提示集合。

GRAMPS 是否支持Mac系统

Fink项目已经为GRAMPS预留了一些接口给旧版本的OS X系统。Mac操作系统的接口并非由GRAMPS项目直接对应。主要原因是GRAMPS的开发者中没有能使用Mac系统的,而且Mac系统也不是免费软件。

现有版本的GRAMPS不像是由Fink项目维护的,请联系Fink项目了解更多信息。其实,一些用户有一些体会在had success 无论是在本地模式安装还是使用X11并应用一些Fink工具包安装。

GRAMPS 所需最低配置?

我们建议最低显卡像素为 800x600 。 对于版本 GRAMPS 3.1,内存需求已经被削减,它可以有效的运行在256MB内存的系统中。如果系统有512MB的内存,则可以同时运行200,000人的数据。对于典型的数据库,数据库所占的磁盘空间相应的也变大了。针对120,000人来讲,你必须考虑有530MB的数据库空间。图片应该分开存放,因此大容量的硬盘空间十分有必要。

We would recommend at least an 800x600 video display. For GRAMPS 3.1, the memory requirements have been reduced, and GRAMPS can run quite efficiently on a 256MB system, holding considerably more people. A system with 512MB should be able to hold around 200,000 people. Disk space requirements for databases are however considerably larger, with a typical database being several megabytes in size. For 120.000 people you must consider already 530Mb for the database. Pictures are stored on disk separately, so a large harddisk is necessary.

如何升级 GRAMPS?

GNU/Linux 操作系统能够为你解决升级问题。如果它不能升级,那么你需要向你所使用的GNU/Linux操作系统的用户咨询相关问题。


(incomplete answer)


我可以将日期格式修改为‘日 月 年’吗?

可以,在选项中修改("编辑->首选项")的GRAMPS日期到所期望的格式(比如:YYYY-MM-DD 或者 日 月 年),并制作报告。可是使用全局日期选项。


GRAMPS 是否与其他家谱软件兼容?

GRAMPS 努力维护与GEDCOM的兼容性(通用的记录族谱信息的格式)。我们有导入和导出的过滤器可以允许GRAMPS读写 GEDCOM 文档。

事实上,GEDCOM的标准并未能得到很好的执行 -- 每个家谱软件都有它喜爱的GEDCOM文档标准。而我们也不断学习新的标准,不断更新导入/导出过滤器。然而,一旦发现未知的标准请咨询user feedback。请随时联系我们,并告知关于GRAMPS不支持的GEDCOM格式,我们将会尽我们努力改进。

GRAMPS 是否可以读取其他族谱软件创建的文件?


GRAMPS 所输出文档是否可以被其他族谱软件支持?


GRAMPS 支持哪些格式?

最好的标准就是什么都不缺。GRAMPS已经被验证支持以下类型的GEDCOM格式: GEDCOM5.5, Brother's Keeper, Family Origins, Family Tree Maker, Ftree, GeneWeb, Legacy, Personal Ancestral File, Pro-Gen, Reunion, and Visual Genealogie.



我是否可以将GRAMPS安装在Linux 网页服务器上,并通过网页来访问它?

This would enable my relations worldwide to access and update it. While GRAMPS can generate web sites, it does not provide a web interface that allows for editing. If this is a requirement, then GeneWeb or PhpGedView are programs more likely to meet your needs. However, you may wish to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Do I really want relatives or other people to directly edit my genealogy database?
  2. Do I implicitly trust, without verification, any data that people may enter?
  3. Do these people have the same understanding of good genealogy practice that I have?

A better approach may be to provide a web form interface that allows others to enter data that is then held for your examination. You can then decide if the information should be entered into your database.

You may also want to consider the effects of possible downtime of your site if you cannot afford yourself a premium webhosting service.


GRAMPS 是否能为我的家族打印一个家谱树?

可以,不同的人对家谱树的理解不同。一些人认为家谱树应该是一张图表,从祖先开始列出所有的后代和家庭。 其他人认为家谱树应该是一张图表,从个人向上回溯列出所有的祖先和家庭。然后其他人认为是表格,文字报告等等。



文本报告单: HTML,PDF,ODT,LaTeX 和RTF格式。 图形报告单(图表与图):PostScript,PDF,SVG,ODS 和GraphViz格式。


报告单的语言与你所安装的linux系统有关。你可以安装扩展语言包,请参照Howto: Change the language of reports

GRAMPS是否与Internet 兼容?

GRAMPS 可以存储WEB地址并引导浏览器打开。 它可以导入你从互联网下载的数据。它可以将数据导出以便于你通过互联网传输。GRAMPS兼容互联网常用的标准格式(如JPEG, PNG, and GIF images, MP3, OGG, 和 WAV sound files, QuickTime, MPEG, 以及 AVI movie files, 等)。除此以外,就很少是家谱软件可以作的了。


可以。这当中包含很多等级的定制类型。一种是创建或者修改使用过的报告模板。允许你调整字体,颜色,和一些报告单的排版等。你可以用GRAMPS的报告对话框修改所显示的报告的内容格式。 除此之外,你可以建立你自己的过滤器---这个对于要找到你所设定的标准的人很有用。你可以整合这些过滤器,建立一个新的,更复杂的过滤器。最后,你可以选择建立你自己的插件。这些可能是新的报告单,搜索工具,导入/导出过滤器等等。 前提是假设你有关于python的编程知识。

为何non-Latin 字符在PDF/PS的报告单种显示为乱码?

这是由内嵌的PS和PDF格式的字体局限性造成的。 打印非希腊字母的问题,使用打印...在报告单对话框中选择。这将使用 gnome-print池,支持PS和PDF的创建,也就是直接打印。(注意:你可能需要单独安装Gnome-print)。



最简单的方式 The easiest way to contribute to reports, filters, tools, etc. is to copy an existing GRAMPS report, filter, or tool. If you can create what you want by modifying existing code -- great! If your idea does not fit into the logic of any existing GRAMPS tool, you will need to write your own plugin from scratch. Help is available on the Developers Portal, or on the Developers mailing list: [email protected].

To test your work in progress, you may save your plugin under $HOME/.gramps/plugins directory and it should be found and imported on startup. The correctly written plugin will register itself with GRAMPS, create menu item, and so on.

If you are happy with your plugin and would like to contribute your code back to the GRAMPS project, you are very welcome to do so by contacting us at [email protected]

Database - GRAMPS file formats

What is the maximum database size (bytes) GRAMPS can handle?

GRAMPS has no hard limits on the size of a database that it can handle. Starting with 2.0.0 release, GRAMPS no longer loads all data into memory, which allows it to work with a much larger database than before. In reality, however, there are practical limits. The main limiting factors are the available memory on the system and the cache size used for BSDDB database access. With common memory sizes these days, GRAMPS should have no problem using databases with tens of thousands of people.


参照之前的内容。这取决于你电脑的内存多少? 请参照 GRAMPS Performance.






GRAMPS 3 的数据库(.grdb文件)十分依赖于创建文件的软件的版本。比如,你不能将你的GRAMPS数据在拷贝到不同的操作系统下(或者不同版本的操作系统下使用),并希望能够读取你的数据。这些数据时“非可移动的"。因此你不能期望依赖这些格式的备份,你应该时时导出数据到可移动形式的格式。现有两种可选的格式:GEDCOM和GRAMPS XML(.gramps 或者.gpkg)。但是仅仅GRAMPS XML被推荐使用,因为它将保存你所有的数据。

Why is the database format (GRDB) not portable?

The biggest issue with GRAMPS portability lies with 'transactions'. With GRAMPS 2.2, we added support for atomic transactions to protect data. With atomic transactions, multiple changes are committed as a single unit. Either all the changes make it, or none of the changes make it. You are never left in a situation with a partial set of changes. A side benefit of using transactions is that database access (reads and writes) are faster.

The problem with transactions (at least using BSDDB) is that it does not allow all the data to be stored in a single file. Logging files are needed to keep track of things. These logging files are kept in a DB Environment directory. We need a separate directory for each file, otherwise the log files can interfere with each other.

In 2.2, we keep the log files under the ~/.gramps/<path> directory, creating a unique directory for each database. The problem is that your GRDB file needs the log files, which are in a different directory. Copying the GRDB file is only copying a portion of the database.

Bugs and requests

What do I do if I have found a bug?

The best thing you can do is to fix the bug and send the patch to [email protected] :-)

If that is not possible, you should submit a bug report

A good bug report would include:

  1. Version of gramps you were using when you encountered the bug (available through Help → About menu item).
  2. Language under which gramps was run (available by executing echo $LANG in your terminal).
  3. Symptoms indicating that this is indeed a bug.
  4. Any Traceback messages, error messages, warnings, etc, that showed up in your terminal or a in separate traceback window.

Most problems can be fixed quickly provided there is enough information. To ensure this, please follow up on your bug reports. Then we will have a way of contacting you should we need more information.

  • GRAMPS should be a .... type of application

It is obvious that GRAMPS absolutely needs to become a (client-server/web-based/PHP/weblog/Javascript/C++/distributed/KDE/Motif/Tcl/Win32/C#/You-name-it) application. When is this going to happen?

The surest way to see it happen is to get it done by yourself. Since GRAMPS is free/open source, nobody prevents you from taking all of the code and continuing its development in whatever direction you see fit. In doing so, you may consider giving your new project another name to avoid confusion with the continuing GRAMPS development. If you would like the GRAMPS project to provide advice, expertise, filters, etc., we will gladly cooperate with your new project, to ensure compatibility or import/export options to your new format of a project.

If, however, you would like the GRAMPS project to adopt your strategy, you would need to convince GRAMPS developers that your strategy is good for GRAMPS and superior to the present development strategy.

GRAMPS Webhosting

How can I publish web sites generated by GRAMPS?

GRAMPS可以生成HTML网页,你可以上传页面到你自己的个人网站。如果你没有个人网站,但是依然希望在互联网上有你的网页.那么GRAMPS计划可以提供一个空间。 http://library.gramps-project.org, 请参照 the webhosting article.

我如何提交我的网页到 GRAMPS的网站 (http://library.gramps-project.org)?

如果你希望提交网页到GRAMPS的往后咱,你需要与GRAMPS 项目部取得联系,通常可以通过gramps-users 邮件列表发送一条信息. 你将收到用户名和密码,它将允许你上传你的文件到服务器。你上传文档后(以 gzip.tar文件格式), GRAMPS 会将网页为你安装到网站上。




或者通过在GRAMPS-Project.org 网站上的索引访问家族网站? library.gramps-project.org的网站主页将包含一个所有家庭网站的索引。但是每个家庭都有一个唯一的地址可以直接访问。


residence 与address的区别

residence(住所) 是某人在某个时间段生活过的地方.address(地址)是住所的名称,被期望用于投递的地方。因此每个住所都可以有一个地址,如果有意义的话。


儿女的次序可以通过在 Family Editor 菜单中实现,具体可通过拖放或者上下移动按钮实现。


配偶可以被重新排序,是在 Relationship View 工具条中选择 'Reorder' 按钮。

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