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===Local archives===
===Local archives===
[http://www.geneawiki.com/index.php/Annuaire_des_services_d%27archives_municipales Cities archives] with online access.
[http://fr.geneawiki.com/index.php/Archives_municipales_en_ligne Cities archives] with online access.

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République française
Flag of France of France

Location of France

Capital Paris
Official languages French


 -  Total 675 417 km² 
 sq mi 

 -  2005 estimate 63 604 551 hab 

France is a country in west Europe bordered by Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Spain, Italie, Switzerland and (England). France has a population of over sixty million people.

Genealogical Associations/Societies

Geneawiki lists most genealogical associations.

History relevant to genealogists

Some links.

Digital Archives

On-line archives.


Semi Non-Free


Archives nationales is dedicated to country search.

There is subclasses:

  1. Paris Archives
  2. Archives of work
  3. French colonies, also a direct access

Local archives

Cities archives with online access.


Counties archives.

Others ressources

See also online ressources.

Links to pages with more links and information

Genealogy dedicated wiki's

  • Geneawiki is a wiki related to genealogy (Tips, geographical and historical informations).
  • WikiGenWeb le wiki de [le wiki de FranceGenWeb FranceGenWeb].

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