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Was sind Filter?


Filtering genealogical information is crucial for research, as well as for creating nice reports. Most reports of GRAMPS allow the use of filters, only displaying information about people that correspond to the filter.

On the other hand, filtered data can be all the info you need, like a self constructed mini-report.

Wie werden benutzerdefinierte Filter erstellt

Custom filters are relative to the active View. If you are in People View you will create a Person Filter, Event View/an Event Filter, etc. In the Edit menu, click the option <View> Filter Editor.

You can give the custom filter a name and add rules to the filter. Die Daten werden entsprechend der Regeln gefieltert.

In some filters you can use regular expressions. For learning how to use regular expressions, see the Regular Expression HOWTO.

Benutzerdefinierte Filter testen

In the Edit menu, click on Spalteneditor, and select the columns you want to view. Next, activate Filter. This can be done by going to the Ansicht menu, and activating Sidebar.


Siehe Example filters.

To the right of the list view, a sidebar will open, allowing to filter your data. At the bottom of this, you can select the newly created Custom Filter. Click on Find, and all Persons/Families/Events/Places/Media/Sources/Citations/Repositories/Notes matching the filter are displayed.

Since the 3.0 version you will have an option Export view on the Family Trees menu. This gives you the opportunity to export the view as a spreadsheet with following format options:

  • CSV
  • Open Document Spreadsheet

Another 3.0 method would be that you select the Export option on the Family Trees menu. An Export Assistant view will be presented where you also can select the Comma Separated Values Spreadsheet (CSV). Next, click on the Forward button and in the next screen you can select in the Options view which filter you want to use and whether you want to include Indivuduals, Marriages and Children. Click once again on the Forward button and you can save the file.

Vorschläge für Filterregeln

What you can do with a filter depends on the rules available to you in GRAMPS. If you have a suggestion for a new usefull filter rule, do a feature request.