Citation examples:Birth, marriage and death certificates

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The following has to be adjusted to the concrete requirements of the certificate system in use; the content here is based on this discussion on the Gramps user mailing list.

It is assumed that the respective birth, marriage or death certificate were issued by some kind of civil registry office and this office keeps their records collected in real books or drawers or whatever technology was used in the past. Thus, this collection acts as the Source with the registry office in the author field. Here, the latter carries the important piece of information. Note that currently grouping sources by author does not display nice in Gramps, and other sites often group sources by title. Therefore, it might be advisable to enter the registry office also in the title field leaving the author field empty. Furthermore, the Gramps repository mechanism can be used to store where the records are available. Please evaluate whether this is worthwhile because archives tend to reorganize often.

The Citation represents the concrete certificate. Here, the Volume/Page field should include either the page, number or comparable characteristics of the certificate, or the specific name of the certificate. In the latter case, the former mentioned items could be entered in the Data section of the Citation.