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Wiki pages about creating web content using Gramps

Reports that build uploadable pages

External tools that leverage Gramps XML

  • Betty - static site generator for Gramps XML and GEDCOM family trees by Bart Feenstra
  • gramps_connect - Experimental web-based application for genealogy (2016)
  • gPrime - an open source genealogy project built on top of JupyterLab and Gramps.

Export to an uploadable format with a web browser

  • GeneWeb format - GenWeb is free, open source genealogy software written in OCaml by Daniel de Rauglaudre running on a lightweight webserver for Unix, Linux, Microsoft Windows and macOS platforms.
  • Web Family Tree format - Web Family Tree genealogy freeware by Peter Moylan (OS/2 webserver based)

Inactive Projects

Data Scrapers

Data Scrapers poll web sources for importable data. They recognize structured data in one source and crosswalk it to the corresponding data structure in a destination. (The destination could be a file format... Like GEDCOM... or an application... like Gramps.)

Finding Aids

Finding Aids do contextual lookups of structured data in a database in another system. Like might be looking up a person by given name, surname and years of birth/death; or by an archived reference ID.

  • Web Connect Pack - person view website lookups via contextual popup menu
    • DE (Deutsch) Web Connect Pack
    • FR (French) Web Connect Pack
    • NL (Netherlands) Web Connect Pack
    • RU (Russian) Web Connect Pack
    • UK (United Kingdom) Web Connect Pack
    • US (United States) Web Connect Pack

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