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poll on devel portal

Alex, I added poll on devel portal. Let me know if ok. Also, are three boxes under it too much or not?

Ok, I've put it on developers now as it offers feedback to the development.

There are some points with the polls:

  • size is varying depending on the question. Therefore, it should be placed next to a box for which this is no problem, eg categories list
  • it cannot be translated. Actually, the poll is an ugly hack i think, the question is the key in an sql table, so a question in dutch is a different poll (I tried some approaches to circumvent this, but they failed. Php hacking is needed, but the creators have no contact page :-( ). Therefore, I think the poll is not suitable on the main page or genealogy page which I intend to translate. It might eat a lot of resources too the developer says.
  • the poll should be where people actually see it. Will the community page attrack traffic?

I suggest the following:

  • the poll is actually in the Poll page, so we include it on community page and on developers page, so it has more possible visibility. On the community site a link to old polls is also offered.
  • when a new poll is made on Poll, we announce it with the News section on the main page, with link to the community site. Like this, we increase the visibility to people only coming to the main page.

Please have a look at the code in Poll and News if the inclusion is clear to you, as I think you or Don will make new polls or news. The intention should be to move items out of the inclusion area denoted by <section ...> as they grow old, but leave them on the original page for archive reasons.

old links

Alex, old links on

They refer to database api, but I have not used that page yet, nor written a relcalc.

Linux Genealogy CD

Hi Alex,

Do you have any plans to update the Live CD?

Maybe add java, so other Free software can go on Live CD? ( See the following news about Ubuntu 9.04 and Java [1] )

Thank you Dm1407 07:01, 15 July 2009 (UTC)