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I added [Category:MK:Documentation] which is a sub-category of [Category:Documentation] (just an help for management). Also, you can translate the navigation bar for wiki manual by editing Template:Man_index/mk and using {man index/mk}


Link on langage bar

Help on GRAMPS program will redirect to Gramps_3.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Preface/mk, Gramps_3.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Getting_Started/mk, Gramps_3.0_Wiki_Manual_-_Main_Window/mk, etc ...

I just created empty pages and used #REDIRECT [ [ Mk:Грампс 3.0 Вики Прирачник - Главен прозорец ] ] or whatever name of your translated page.

You may test redirects by using current SVN code (branch or trunk). (enable /mk) Thanks !

-- user:Romjerome

3.1 manual

Hi, 3.0 manual has been blocked. All new edits should happen on the 3.1 manual. 3.1 Manual has been created starting from the last version of the 3.0 manual, see User manual