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Hi there, I'm Øyvind from Norway, and I've been interested in genealogy for many years, but things really started rolling four years ago or so, when I started using genealogy software. I'm using Linux, and after some research I ended up using GeneWeb. A very stable program with the potential for a huge database (I've seen databases with millions of persons), and the relationship functionality is one of the best I've seen. But it seems as the GeneWeb development has stopped, there hasn't been a new version for several years. That's life when you choose a programming language like OCaml.

Well, it seems as Gramps is the most popular genealogy software for Linux, and it'll probably be my new favourite now that GeneWeb has gone out of the window. Who knows, maybe I'll contribute a patch or ten. :)

For more info about me, check out my Google profile or my Wikipedia page.