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Window Title Bar
Search Bar (Present only if Sidebar is not displayed.)(Not shown on Dashboard)
Navigator Display Area Sidebar
(Not shown on Dashboard)
Bottombar (Not shown on Dashboard)
Status Bar and Progress Bar
Fig. .1 Textual representation of Gramps interface

interface sections screenshots

  • WindowTitleBar-MainWindow-example-52.png
  • Menubar-MainWindow-example-52.png
  • Toolbar-MainWindow-example-52.png
  • SearchBar-MainWindow-example-52.png
  • Navigator-MainWindow-example-52.png DisplayArea-MainWindow-example-52.png Sidebar-MainWindow-example-52.png
  • Bottombar-MainWindow-example-52.png
  • StatusBar-and-ProgressBar-MainWindow-example-52.png
Fig. .2 People Category - Tree View - Grouped People