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 Gramps 5.1.5 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.1.5, A new maintenance release.

  • Update translations: de, pl, sv, zh_CN.
  • Remove Travis CI configuration.
  • Fix badges in README file.
  • Update copyright date.
  • 12438: Strange behavior for the scrollbar in the bottombar.
  • 12500: Fix place object element order in DTD and RNG schemas. Element placeobj content does not follow the DTD and RNG, expecting (ptitle? , pname+).
  • 12423: Solve InterpolationSyntaxError if "%" in a string. The grampletpane module saves data in a config file for all the gramplets added in the dashboard. The python configparser module doesn't like if we have a "%" character in a string.
  • 12467: '<' not supported between 2 instances of IndexMark.
  • Remove debug statements in unit tests.
  • 12525: Fix negative Span when dates are not Gregorian.
  • Incorrect grouping if no ma/patronymic surname.
  • 12395: Group As override is ignored for ma/patronymic surnames. See: https://gramps.discourse.group/t/patronymic-and-matronymic-name/1684/5
  • Add comments for the lat-lon field of editplace.
  • 12374: Place editor, lat and long text are swapped.
  • 12373: Fix Statusbar progress being shown before use.
  • 12367: Fix exception when removing a group name in Sqlite db when group name is already missing.
  • 12328: Fix error when trying to close name editor during long name group mapping view rebuild.
  • 12352: OsmGpsMap-CRITICAL: Map source setup called twice.
  • Fix probably alive function unit test.
  • Use GitHub Actions to run continuous integration checks.
  • Mac:
    • Update Exiv2, PYExiv2, and json-glib.
    • Repackage Gramps.app to work with macOS 12.
    • Add entitlements path to bundle-file so Gramps.app is signed with it.
    • Add python-fontconfig to the macOS build. Needed to enable using genealogical symbols.
    • 12370: Include fontconfig's etc/fonts in macOS app bundle. Graphviz now uses fontconfig to find its fonts.

See the Changelog.