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 Gramps 4.0.2 (The "Welcome to our humble abode" bug-fix release) released.

Version 4.0.2, the "Welcome to our humble abode", has been released. This is a maintenance release for the next generation of Gramps, don't upgrade before verifying your system can run it.


  • Citation merge works better for all objects with citations
  • Fixed citations attached to family events
  • Fixed several crashes, hangs, and data corruption scenarios
  • Fixed bugs in determining whether a person is alive, potentially resolving private data leak via export or report
  • VCF export/import now support gender information
  • Several bugs with filtering fixed, most filters now support regular expressions
  • Fixed bug in Hebrew calendar date calculations
  • Fix some regressions on GEDCOM file format export and enhancement on CONT/CONC handling
  • Multiple fixes and improvements on gramplets
  • Multiple fixes in the narrated website and web calendar reports
  • Enhancements on date and calendar
  • Some fixes and improvements of the webapp
  • Fix on Database Differences module
  • Enhancements of the citation tree view (Sources category)
  • For add-on developers: improvements in User class interface
  • Polish and consistency on Gramps XML export
  • Bump XML schema to 1.5.1
  • Fixed several long-standing problems with report generation
  • Better support of RTL locales (Arabic, Hebrew, etc.) in GUI
  • Better support for language selection on some reports
  • Better way for displaying missing dependencies
  • Better spellchecking support
  • Platform-specific fixes for Mac and Windows
  • Add printing functionality for all geography views
  • New date handlers for Arabic and Greek
  • Translation updates (ar, cs, de, fr, lt, nb, nl, ru, sv) and translation-related fixes
  • Repaired and enhanced tests broken since 3.3.x, resulting in overall reliability improvements
  • Add a support for AppData
  • New command-line options -y/--yes and -q/--quiet

Installation status

  1. OS X: Mac OS X will see an official installer shortly after release with all components
  2. Linux: We expect Linux packages for different distributions. Gramps 4.0 will only work on distributions released since October 2012, use virtualbox for older distributions. Some optional dependencies are not available yet on most distribution at the time of release. If you want those, you need to install them from source, see Ubuntu derivatives walkthrough in the installation guide for these. Specifically for Ubuntu derivatives spell checking, geography view and exiv image data require installation of source components.
  3. Windows: Much work has been done the last months to obtain the stack needed for Gramps on Windows. A first AIO installer is available on the download page.

See the Changelog for more details.