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 Gramps 1.0.6 released.

Version 1.0.6 -- the "Pink frilly edges" release

The GRAMPS project is pleased to announce the release of version 1.0.6 of GRAMPS. This is mostly a bug fix release with some new features.

  • Added relationship calculator for Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and French (Matthieu Pupat) languages.
  • Proper fixes for merging from the Find duplicates tool.
  • Merge Place fixes.
  • Deadly gnome2.6/gnome-python2.0.2 combination worked around. Fixes all floating point operations under European locales, in particular graphical report layouts.
  • Mysterious date parsing bug under French locale worked around.
  • Installation improvements.
  • Verify tool correctly uses burial/baptism date information. Errors are properly displayed again.
  • Minor HIG compliance improvements.
  • Various bug fixes.