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 Gramps 0.7.0 released.

GRAMPS version 0.7.0 has been released.

Version 0.7.0

  • LD_PRELOAD set to handle Mandrake 8.1 shared library problems.
  • Drag and drop copying of events, address, attributes, and URLs.
  • Improved GEDCOM. GRAMPS now understands many more of the "quirks" of the GEDCOM produced by other programs. In addition, GRAMPS can now tailor its GEDCOM output several other programs. An XML data file is used to describe to GRAMPS the types of quirks each format uses.
  • Support for French Republican, Hebrew, and Julian calendars.
  • LDS ordinance support.
  • Cleaned up report dialog code.
  • Bug fixes in GEDCOM reading and relationship calculator.
  • Toolbar may display Icons and Text, Text only, or Icons only. This helps in some of the translations, where the long text forced the toolbar to be unusually large.
  • Dragging and dropping media objects can optionally display property dialogs.
  • All toolbar icons have tooltips.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for bookmark saving.
  • Find dialog supports autocompletion, and has the more standard shortcut of C-F.
  • Change in XML database format to provides better support for dates.
  • Added entries to the Help menu to jump to the GRAMPS home page and the GRAMPS mailing list page.