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This tool is of limited use for Gramps 5.x series.

Please read the Issues section

The wiki page duly notes that this tool is "of limited use" in the 5.x series of Gramps. But as a new user--apparently my recent install was of 4.2.2, not sure why--I'd say even that warning is too mild. As far as I can tell from reading the issues and doing Google searches, this tool only has one small piece of functionality of any value in Gramps 4. Here are my suggestions for both documentation and product; because I'm new, I'd like someone more experienced to give feedback and comment:

  • This wiki page should be overhauled to make it very clear that the Place completion tool is not a mainstream add-on utility. The header should state clearly that it's only fully functional for past versions and only has a small piece of functionality of use in current versions. I can fix this but would prefer to have someone more knowledgeable weigh in on the different versions
  • More fundamentally, I don't understand why my new installation of 4.2.2 installed a tool that's considered by the community to be almost useless in this version. Is it because of that small piece of functionality that still works? If so, it should be a pretty high priority to modify the UI to expose that small piece and hide the rest (call it "classic" functionality for expert users only). Shipping a product feature that's 75% broken just confuses noobs like me and wastes other people's time.

Just my two cents; I've never seen this tool work yet, so just going by what others have written. Sources: [1], [2] Thanks, Reed (talk) 16:57, 30 August 2018 (UTC)

>>> Shipping a product feature that's 75% broken just confuses noobs like me and wastes other people's time.
This Third party addon is not shipped with Gramps; users choose to optionally install it via the addon manager. As such the third party addon comes with very limited support in the form of this support page eg: Please see Place_completion_tool#Issues. Sam888 (talk)
Adding my two cents as a user: I have used this extensively for the sole purpose of adding lat/lon to existing places. Places were created using the enclosed structure without lat/lon data and this tool updated the lat/lon for a large set of places (all places without a lat/lon within a US state) in one pass. In 4.2 the editing in the Actions window on MacOS did not work, which made using the tool challenging, but this was fixed in 5.x 10004. I agree that a more robust solution that can leverage the GeoNames gazetteer would be very useful. GaryGriffin (talk)