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Clipboarding Quick View data
'''Quick Views''' are popup report windows available via the [[Gramps_5.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Main_Window#Pop-up_menus|context menu]] of the most of the category views and some of the edit dialogs.
=== Clipboarding Quick View data ===
Context Use the context menu (Right-click) option for {{man label|Select All}} to highlight QuickView content that is ''not'' contained in a formatted table. Then use the context menu again to {{man label|Copy all}} added for QuickTables in those the selected content to the OS Clipboard. For Quick Views that have themlists of records in tabular format, copy QuickView Table row data to the OS Clipboard by using the Context menu (Right-click) option within a table row to choose the {{man label|Copy all}} menu option. If the QuickView has multiple tables, they must be copied individually
== Location ==
The following built-in Quick view reports are available per category:

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