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MantisBT(Bug tracker)
* Convert existing Gramps theme to use a more modern mobile aware template that comes with WordPress.
===MantisBT(Bug tracker)===
* Upgraded failed due to database needing to first be manually converted to UTF-8 collation (which means I'll finally need to manually convert from latin1_swedish_ci collation the bugtracker has been using since original installation around 2006!)2021/07/28 Update: Almost worked but the database is partially corrupted in a few tables it seems related to [[Bug_triage#Status|Bug triage mention that "Sometime in the past 4495 issues disappeared during a mantisdb upgrade"]] so a few tables may be referring to things that don't exist! 
* Upgrade to Mediawiki [ 1.35.1 LTS] ( Warning: MediaWiki is not yet compatible with PHP 8. See task [ T248925 ]for more information)

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