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A [ '''PortableApps ''' version] will run from an external device without the requirement of installing on the OS drive. [[#2|PortableApps installations<sup>2</sup>]] are <b><i>not</i></b> for touchscreen-based mobile devices. They just allow the application to run from external storage, USB thumbdrives.
{{man menu|You can download the most current Gramps Portable version ({{Version_windows_portable}} ) from :* the [ Gramps Portable project] page in their [ Education] category.}}
Note that ''' ''' also has an a Legacy 3.4.9 version of Gramps available -- although it is not recommended for general use;just for recovering older format databases.* [ GrampsPortable_3.4.9.paf.exe] (29.0 MB)
[ Portable Gramps from] includes all dependencies required for Windows. ''Note:You can install it on C: then to run Gramps type C:\PortableApps\GrampsPortable\GrampsPortable.exe (Or the path you installed it to) or make a shortcut to that file on your desktop or start-menu.'' By Bart.S - '''[ Please report packaging issues to the author.]''' (2012-09-07)

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