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MS Windows
*<u>[{{github_url}}/releases/download/v{{version_windows_AIO32}}/{{filename_windows_AIO32}}.exe Windows Installer (32-bit) {{version_windows_AIO32}}]-2</u></big>
{{man note|''The {{version_windows_AIO64}} and {{version_windows_AIO64}}-2 installers are the '''same version of the Gramps program'''. |Only the compilation of the installer was changed. The initial Windows installer was quickly recalled so that the 'dash two' update could restore some omitted dependency items.''}}
After download: '''double-click to install Gramps'''. <br>By default: new releases will be added in a new directory and earlier installations of Gramps will ''not'' be overwritten; the language will be a [[#Missing_other_languages|mix of British and US English]].

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