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MS Windows: Clarify the dash-two suffix on the Windows installer
*<u>[{{github_url}}/releases/download/v{{version_windows_AIO64}}/{{filename_windows_AIO64}}.exe Windows Installer (64-bit) {{version_windows_AIO64}}]-2</u>*<u>[{{github_url}}/releases/download/v{{version_windows_AIO32}}/{{filename_windows_AIO32}}.exe Windows Installer (32-bit) {{version_windows_AIO32}}]-2</u></big> ''The {{version_windows_AIO64}} and {{version_windows_AIO64}}-2 installers are the '''same version of the Gramps program'''. Only the compilation of the installer was changed. The initial Windows installer was quickly recalled so that the 'dash two' update could restore some omitted dependency items.''
After download: '''double-click to install Gramps'''. <br>By default: new releases will be added in a new directory and earlier installations of Gramps will ''not'' be overwritten; the language will be a [[#Missing_other_languages|mix of British and US English]].

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