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Adding additional Spell Checking languages on macOS
=== Adding additional Spell Checking languages on macOS ===
{{man tip|[[Mac_OS_X:Application_package#Dictionaries|Spell Checking:]]|Gramps uses a different spell checker than the one provided by Mac OS X, with different spelling dictionary requirements. We can't easily provide dictionaries for all of the supported languages in the bundle, but they're easily downloaded from ['s website]. Download the language you want and save it, then navigate to the download in Finder. Most browsers have a downloads window that offers "Show in Finder" in its context menu. Change the file extension from <tt>oxt</tt> to <tt>zip</tt>, then from the context menu select '''Open with... Archive Utility''' to decompress it. In the decompressed folder or perhaps in a subfolder you'll find the dictionary files in pairs, <tt>foo.aff</tt> and <tt>foo.dic</tt>. Some languages have more than one pair with a README file to explain why. Select a pair and copy it to /Library/Dictionaries (you'll have to authenticate with an administrator id and password), and if 'foo' isn't already a language or locale code, make it one. For example, the French package includes several pairs with names like <tt>fr-moderne.aff</tt> and <tt>fr-moderne.dic</tt>. The spell checker doesn't recognize those names, so when you copy them to /Library/Dictionaries you must rename them to <tt>fr.aff</tt> and <tt>fr.dic</tt> or <tt>fr_FR.aff</tt> and <tt>fr_FR.dic</tt>. You can have more than one dictionary pair installed if you use several languages, but one '''must''' match the language you use for Gramps or spell checking won't be enabled at all.}}

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