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Addon downloads and popularity
;Answer: Github counts downloads via its releases section page only for normal downloads of files. But not for the way Gramps addon downloads are done as they are binary files that only sit in a second git repository itself in a directory per grampsXX release called download and not on the addon releases page, this is no different to the way the gramps addons were downloaded from the previous sourceforge website.
Note that we do have an the "Headline News gramplet " addon that does poll the Gramps website and was originally causing an issue making the website slow and at sometimes of day stopping it altogether as it was polling too often (once an hour from everyone who happened to be running Gramps at that moment! This was an unintended way to get DOS'ed ) when I took over as website admin I investigated and tracked down and changed the polling period to once a every 24 hours (for current and previous versions of Gramps!), alot of people had installed it on the Dashboard !
=====addon repositories=====
We use two addons repositories the first is for the source code where addon developers can have access

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