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If you have an error about having unmet dependencies run:
<syntaxhighlight langdiv dir="enltr">
sudo apt-get -f install
to install the dependencies.
If you see an error about language support when starting Gramps, run
<syntaxhighlight langdiv dir="Cltr">
sudo apt install language-pack-gnome-en
to install the proper language pack. You may need to replace 'en' with your own language code, like 'nl' for Dutch.
* Find out what version you are running, by using this:
<syntaxhighlightdiv dir="ltr">
dpkg-query -s gramps
that queries the package and gives you info about it.
* If you are committed to an upgrade then make sure you have backed up you Family Trees to Gramps XML then run :
<syntaxhighlight langdiv dir="Cltr">
sudo dpkg -r gramps
this will remove the current gramps package (assuming its a python3 version older versions could be python-gramps )
* To stop Ubuntu updating gramps (to possibly an older version from Ubuntu!) you may need to run:
<syntaxhighlight langdiv dir="Cltr">
sudo apt-mark hold gramps
'''כעת העדכון הושלם.'''

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