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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - Entering and editing data: brief

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Specifying a relationship using the Relationship View: harmonize on 5.1 Relationships view screen capture (has Toolbar labels)
===Specifying a relationship using the Relationship View===
[[File:Relationships-category-view-5051.png|thumb|right|350px|Fig. {{#var:chapter}}.{{#vardefineecho:figure|{{#expr:{{#var:figure}}+1}}}}]]
To specify a new relationship to the [[Gramps_Glossary#active_person|Active Person]], switch to the {{icon|rela}}{{man label|Relationships}} View and you will see this individual indicated as the "Active Person". Next to the {{man label|Family}} label is a {{man label|Add}} button (typically represented by a {{man button|+}} sign).

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