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Fedora RPM

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Development rpm
= Development rpm =
It may be possible that next to the standard Fedora rpm works on the current version of Fedora. For example, the fc8 version has been verified with Fedora 8 and 9. The fc7 rpm will work on fc6, with a few small issues. This usually works, but it is not a supported method, ie: if it breaks the error may not be with gramps or the fedora build, but with the differences between fedora versions. In other words youthere're on your own with trouble shooting, and if you do report s a bug then be sure that it isn't to do with the newer version mismatch - don't confuse the developers/builders with introduced problems (one's outside their control)available for development testing.
Assuming you have an existing version of gramps installed, then you can try to install from the development rpm for fc9...following repositories: yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update gramps
yum --enablerepo=development update gramps
if If you don't have any version installed, then use '''install''' it using..instead of '''update'''. yum --enablerepo=development install gramps
For Fedora versions 6 and older, the development repository is called '''extras-development'''.

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