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MS Windows: move 64-bit to a spot of higher prominence than 32-bit
Before downloading the [[All_In_One_Gramps_Software_Bundle_for_Windows|All-In-One software installer bundle for Windows]]: Use your '''earlier version of Gramps''' to [[How_to_make_a_backup#Gramps_version_3.3_and_later|backup]] your Family Trees to the hardy and portable [[#1|XML format<sup>1</sup>]].
This installer supports Microsoft Windows in all versions [ Vista/7] and later. The 64-bit versions of Windows allow more efficient access to more resources.
(''Please note: Gramps prefers the Python-3.5 and Gtk-3.18 libraries and newer. Those libraries have dropped support for Windows XP. But Gramps can still be run on Windows XP with earlier library versions, i.e., Python3.4.4 and Gtk-3.16'')
*<u>[{{github_url}}/releases/download/v{{version_windows_AIO32version_windows_AIO64}}/{{filename_windows_AIO32filename_windows_AIO64}}.exe Windows Installer (3264-bit) {{version_windows_AIO32version_windows_AIO64}}]</u>*<u>[{{github_url}}/releases/download/v{{version_windows_AIO64version_windows_AIO32}}/{{filename_windows_AIO64filename_windows_AIO32}}.exe Windows Installer (6432-bit) {{version_windows_AIO64version_windows_AIO32}}]</u></big>
After download: '''double-click to install Gramps'''. <br>By default: new releases will be added in a new directory and earlier installations of Gramps will ''not'' be overwritten; the language will be a [[#Missing_other_languages|mix of British and US English]].

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