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{{Third-party plugin}}
{{man tip|History|The '''HtmlView Addon ''' is no longer used. The addon was created as a prerequisite for the original Geography views in the Gramps 3.x. version. However, the developer determined that the dependencies consumed too many resources in the Windows port... so more efficient alternatives were implemented. <br /><br />Before conversion to an Addon, it was previously part of the Gramps core plugins know and was known as the [[Gramps_4.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Web_Category|Web Category]] from Version the 3.2 to Version 4.1 and Versions. This Category was hidden by default. This addons was created for use by the original geography views in gramps 3.x.}}
[[File:Html View category.png|thumb|right|450px|Html View]]

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