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Mailing lists: Nabble is going away read subscribers notified directly via email to join official mailing list or fourms.
==Requesting enhancements==
Requesting an enhancement can be done either through , we would prefer that serious requests get submitted to the [[Using_the_bug_tracker|bug tracker]]. This allows us to formally track the request. Create a feature request on the gramps-users or gramps-devel mailing lists, or by [ creating a feature itemGramps Bug Tracker] on the bug tracker. We would prefer that serious requests get submitted to the bug tracker. You , you switch to '''Project: Feature Requests''' on the top right head corner, and select '''Report Issue'''. Again Alternatively you can informally ask through the [ gramps-users] or [ gramps-devel] mailing lists, this allows us but as mentioned use the [[Using_the_bug_tracker|bug tracker]] to formally track the create a feature requestplease.
==Wiki, Website/Blog, Bug Tracker applications==
*;gramps-devel ([ unsubscribe/subscribe], [ archives]): For issues relating to software development. Medium traffic.
Alternatively, if the Sourceforge site is not available, use the copy of the mailing lists stored on []({{man menu|Note that nabble logins are not [ secure] please only subscribe via the sourceforge mailing list.}}). However, if you want to use nabble to send messages (as opposed to just reading them) then you must have subscribed to the related sourceforge mailing list first.
* On Facebook the [ GRAMPS for Genealogists] group was created by Tom Shaw 2015.
* On Google Groups [!forum/gramps-finland "Gramps Finland"] is for information exchange between Finnish users of Gramps.
* On Facebook , the [ Dansk gramps brugergruppe] exist for ''Danish Gramps users.''
* On the [ Genealogy Stackexchange] questions marked '''[ gramps]''' can be asked.
* On [ Geneanet] > Forum Home > French Forums > Genealogy discussions > Genealogy software > [ Gramps], the mutual support forum for ''French Gramps users.''
==IRC (Internet Relay Chat)Room==Please feel free to drop by on channel '''[irc://ircYou have two #gramps]''' over at '''''' server. All users and developers are welcome!
===IRC (Internet Relay Chat)===Please feel free to drop by on channel '''[irc:// #gramps]''' over at '''''' server. All users and developers are welcome! You can use the [https://webchatweb.freenodelibera.netchat/#gramps freenode Libera Chat Web IRC] to connect if you do not have an [ IRC client].
Some IRC guides:
*[ Tutorial Using the IRC Network] Wikipedia
*[ An IRC Tutorial]
===Matrix Chat room===
A trial Matrix chat room has been set up see:
==Copyright infringements==

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