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dna feedback from matt
==dna feedback from matt==
:[[User:GaryGriffin|GaryGriffin]]: Thank you for sharing. Testing seems to work fine. Some notes and ideas::# The loading speed might become a problem. For 8 associations it already takes ~3 seconds to load.:# Overlapping segments are hidden below others and currently unaccessible. A way to draw overlapping segments in seperate rows might be an interesting feature in future.:[[User:Matt|Matt]] ([[User talk:Matt|talk]]) 10:47, 25 September 2020 (UTC)
:[[User:Matt|Matt]]: Hmmm, I have 18 Associations for one person and it is less than a second to draw for me. I am on a 2013 Mac, so not the fastest system. This may be more of a function of PyCairo implementation on the platform. Can you provide more info on platform and range of overlaps.
:# Maybe if all were less opaque, it would be an easier view? Change line 330 of to the following. This will change the opacity to 0.5 for M/P and 0.33 for U. The one I posted was 1 for M/P and 0.5 for U. Would appreciate your feedback on this change.
cr.set_source_rgba(rgb_color[0], rgb_color[1], rgb_color[2], 1/(chr_mult+1))
:[[User talk:GaryGriffin|talk]]) 17:40, 25 Sep 2020 (PST)
::[[User:GaryGriffin|GaryGriffin]]: I'm on Windows 10 using GrampsAIO64-5.1.3-1 and Pycairo 1.16.1. All segments are tied to a maternal/paternal side since I only added the known ones. I do have some segemnts overlapping since many of them are from the same common ancestor couple. Yes drawing one maternal and paternal row for each chromosome is standard, but the DNA Painter also has an option to expand and collapse these rows, so you can see all overlapping segments. (see:, click on the chromosome number or the plus/minus icon)::[[User:Matt|Matt]] ([[User talk:GaryGriffinMatt|talk]]) 1708:4009, 25 Sep 26 September 2020 (PSTUTC)<gallery mode="packed-overlay" widths=300px heights=300px>File:DNA-gramplet.PNG|DNA GrampletFile:DNA-gramplet2.PNG|DNA Gramplet transparentFile:DNA Painter example.png|DNA Painter with expanded Chromosome 1</gallery>

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