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[[File:Calendar-GraphicalReports-Content-tab-Country for holidays-default-list-51.png|thumb|450px|right|Content tab showing "Country for holidays:" option showing "Country for holidays" default list]]
Details on how to add custom holiday set or change the builtin built-in holiday set appearing on the output of the [[#Calendar-based_reports|Calendar-based reports]] in Gramps.
==Custom holiday set==
Gramps comes installed with a default <code>holidays.xml</code> file and you can either add more holiday sets to it or create your own custom <code>holidays.xml</code> ===Separate Custom holidays.xml===Note that you You can have two create a separate custom <code>holidays.xml</code> files:# One where Gramps is installed# and you can have a custom one file in your personal [[Gramps_{{Version manual}}_Wiki_Manual_-_User_Directory|User directory]] <code>.gramps/plugins/</code> folder.
====Adding your countries holidays====
Are your countries holidays missing or incomplete and you would like Gramps to have them by default?
If you would like to add your [ countries holidays] to the calendar, then you can add them to the file <code></code> located:
* Gramps 5 or newer: [ data/]
and then raise a feature request and submit your updated file or create a pull request on Github.
====format of holidays.xml====
In the file <code></code>, you can add recurring annual events in a variety of ways. The format is generally:
where each of the capitalized words would be filled in with appropriate values, as shown in list of keywords. ====Keywords====The following is a list of keywords to be used when creating or expanding the holidays.xml file see:* [ /gramps/plugins/lib/].  All but NAME and VALUE are optional.
*'''COUNTRYNAME''' => "United States", "China", etc. You don't have to make these countries, however. You can make these just a "holiday set" which could be "Christian", "Muslim", "Eastern European", etc. These names can be selected from the {{man label|Country for holidays:}} list option when running calendar-related reports. You can use your own language for this name.
* Bulgaria / Canada / Chile / China / Croatia / Czech Republic / England / Finland / France / Germany / Japan / New Zealand / Russia / Serbia / Serbia (Latin) / Slovakia / Sweden / Ukraine / United States of America
* Jewish Holidays

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