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{{man note|{{Man menu|Gramps '''Current version: '''{{version}}''' Released: '''2020-01-10'''}}|''Different data format to the GRAMPS 3.4 series. Full Python 3 support only as [ Python 2 support dropped]. Uses GTK+ 3 GUI. Default database is now SQlite. Lot of updates see: ''[[Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - What's new?|What's new?]]{{-}}
[[File:Linux_220x261.png|128px|link=Download#Linux]] [[File:windows_180x160.png|128px|link=Download#MS_Windows]] [[File:macos_200x200.png|128px|link=Download#Mac_OS_XmacOS]] [[File:Bsd daemon.png|128px|link=Download#BSD]]}}
== Linux ==

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