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Testing Gramps

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=Tests and frameworks used=
== Manual test plan ==
See [httphttps://sourceforgegithub.netcom/pgramps-project/gramps/source/ciblob/master/tree/TestPlan.txt TestPlan.txt] in gramps toplevel. (I believe this is only done at a major release (like Gramps version 4.0.0)).
== Specialized scripts for testing ==
See more specialized scripts in [httphttps://sourceforgegithub.netcom/pgramps-project/gramps/source/citree/master/tree/test/ test/], status unknown.
Contents of [httphttps://sourceforgegithub.netcom/pgramps-project/gramps/source/citree/master/tree/test/ test/] :
* GrampsLogger/
==== test/ ====
'''[httphttps://sourceforgegithub.netcom/pgramps-project/gramps/source/ciblob/master/tree/test/ test/]''' - Report test for Gramps: Generate every report in every format. Runs all possible reports using the report cli interface, based on the [[example.gramps]] database. This test is not fully self-contained, in that it depends on various environment settings, such as your locale, your preferred name display formats, and your report options. Last, but not the least, the verification of the resulting reports is entirely manual.
Bugs tagged as []
'''[httphttps://sourceforgegithub.netcom/pgramps-project/gramps/source/ciblob/master/tree/test/ test/]''' - Import/export test for Gramps.
From the file header:
== Unit testing ==
=== test/ ===
'''[httphttps://sourceforgegithub.netcom/pgramps-project/gramps/source/ciblob/master/tree/test/ test/]''' - Testing framework for performing a variety of unittests for Gramps. Runs out-of-tree (not in gramps/) testing code, by looking for any test/* files and executing the test suites therein. See the current code in test/* for example and python standard unittest docs.
{{man note|Starting with gramps4.x branch|these tests include non-automated unit tests only. The automated unit tests are all under gramps/.}}
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|[httphttps://sourceforgegithub.netcom/pgramps-project/gramps/source/citree/master/tree/gramps/gen/ gramps/gen/]
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