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Album tab
{{Third-party plugin}}
<!-- {{stub}}[[File:combindedviewCombinedView-Relationships-tab-example-51.png|450px|thumb|right|Combined View - addon - In action showing ]] -->The Combinded Combined View is an a {{man label|RelationsipsRelationships}} category view addon that shows relationships and events for a person. It is like similar to the built-in [[Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Categories#Relationships_Category|Relationships View]] that gives an overview of how records relate to each other within the context of a specific person ... but on steroids.
{{stub}}This view is intentionally 'read only' with no editing controls.
== Usage ==
From the {{icon|rela}} {{man label|Relationships}} category view select the '''Combined''' icon (Identical icon to the Relationships view unfortunately!) or select {{man menu|View > Combined}} from the menu.
=== Relationships tab ===
=== Album tab ===
[[File:CombinedView-Album-tab-example-51.png|right|450px|thumb|Shows gallery of associated images.]]
=== Timeline tab ===
=== Configure Options ===
==== Content tab ====
==== Layout tab ====
==== Person tab ====

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