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{{Third-party plugin}}
* {{checkbox|0}} {{man label|Dark Variant}} If the selected theme includes a dark version of the theme as a subset, then this will activate the dark version. This is deselected by default.(Also called Dark Mode)
* {{man button|Restore to Defaults}} This returns Gramps theme settings to their default values, as if no changes were made with these settings.
== Installing your own theme ==
Themes (correctly copied into the appropriate OS folder and with the correct subfolders) will simply appear as new pull-down menu options in the Themes tab that appears in Preferences after the Themes addon has been installed.
=== Windows ===
It is possible to change the Gramps theme on the Windows AIO.
The Gramps AIO version 5.0.x uses Gtk 3.18 or higher, so a theme MUST be selected that supports that version (themes that are designed for a later version may not work). The current Gtk version is reported in the [[Addon:Prerequisites_Checker_Gramplet]].
Suitable alternate themes might may be found in at the [] website. Download the theme file (often a tar.gz) and, if necessary, decompress it using 7-zip or similar. The decompressed files should be stored within a folder in "<code>C:\Users\</code>''<username>''<code>\.themes</code>" (Substitute ''<username>'' with your login name under Windows. Less ambiguously, you could take advantage of the <code>%USERPROFILE%</code> [ Windows environment variable]and the destination folder is: <code>%USERPROFILE%\.themes</code>)
Download the theme file (often a tarThe folder <code>.gz) and themes</code> can be manually created if necessary decompress it using 7-zip or similardoes not already exist.
The decompressed files should be stored in "C:\Users\you\.themes" (replacing 'you' with your user name) so that So, the final directory structure for a theme named "MyAwesomeTheme" looks like: <code>C:\Users\you</code>''<username>''<code>\.themes\MyAwesomeTheme</code>or <code>%USERPROFILE%\.themes\YourThemeNameMyAwesomeTheme</code>
=== Linux ===
== See also ==
* [[Addon:Themes|Themes 3rd party addon]]* [[Windows AIO themes]]: [ Raleigh] and High Contrast (not pretty... but a good accessibility theme) * Downloadable themes ([ screen captures]):** [ Greybird-Modv2] : a darker gray (no dark theme) ** [ Crown Blue] : Similar to Adwaita. Checking the Dark Variant makes it transparent on a Win10 system.** [ Victory] : Another gray with no dark theme. Some might find [ Yaru themes] more to their liking. There are many other colors and dark themes. 

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