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Gramps 5.0 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 4

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* {{man label|Name Format:}} Select the format to display the names. Choose from '''Surname, Given Suffix'''(default) / Given Surname Suffix / Given / Main Surnames, Given Patronymic Suffix / SURNAME, Given (Common)
** {{checkbox|1}} {{man label|Include data marked private}} (checkbox checked by default)
* {{man label|Living people}}: Select to include or not living persons in the report. Choose from '''Include, and all data''' (default) / Full names, but data removed / Given names replaced, and data removed / Complete names replaced, and data removed/ Not included* {{man label|Years from death to consider living}}: Select the number of years since death to consider persons for the report. Allows for the inclusion or exclusion of recently-dead persons in the report. Default value is 0 years.* {{man label|Translation:}} : The translation to be used for the report. Language selector{{stub}}

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