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Windows AIO themes

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[[File:Dark-theme.jpg|thumb|right|450px|Example Dark GTK3 Theme]]
It is possible to change the Gramps theme on the Windows AIO.
As of this writing, the The Gramps AIO version 4.2.6 and 5.0.0alpha3 uses Gtk 3.18, so a theme MUST be selected that supports that version (themes that are designed for a later version may not work).
One choice that provides a pretty good looking dark theme is the "OlliFri Gtk 3.18 Dark Blue Gradient".
{{man note|Note: when |When you start Gramps, your console may show some "Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error" messages. These are usually harmless, but if there are a lot, and your Gramps screen doesn't look right, then your theme may not be compatible with the version of Gtk Gramps AIO is using.}}
You can check the Gramps Gtk version by starting Gramps from the console;
gtk++ : 3.18.9
[[File:Dark-theme.jpg|thumb|right|450px|Example Dark GTK3 Theme]]
==See also==
* [[GEPS_029:_GTK3-GObject_introspection_Conversion#GTK_3_theme|GTK 3 theme - GEPS 029: GTK3-GObject introspection Conversion]]
* [[GrampsAIO_cx_freeze-based|GrampsAIO-cxfreeze-based]]
* [[Addon:Themes]]

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