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Gramps 5.0 Wiki Manual - Reports - part 4

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Know what you want to print on: no shouting needed
Scaling a tree is an advanced function. The {{man label|Document Options}} → {{man label|Style}} sets the size of text that you can print. Scaling down is not very desirable as the text becomes more difficult to read. Scaling up is better but may have the some issues. So here are some pointers to make nice printed documents.
First thing first. What paper sizes CAN can you print on? Ask around and see what page sizes you can print on easily. Just knowing what paper sizes you CAN can print on helps a lot. At Kinkos (in the U.S.A) there is a 3 foot wide printer with paper that is on a roll (any length). So we could use 'Scale report to fit page width only' and 'One page report' for this.
It is also noteworthy to first make your report using {{man label|Scale tree to fit}}s ''Do not scale the report'' option and {{man label|Resize Page to Fit Tree size}} to know what the reports full dimensions (width and height) are. This will help you know how to better put this report on the pages you can print on. Here are some other quick things to take into account.

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