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GEPS 041: New Selector

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Clever search for each selector
# Runtime and performance
# Selection expected by the user, marked and tagged objects
# refining a selection
====[[Gramps_4.2_Wiki_Manual_-_Filters#Filter_vs._Search|Filter vs. Search]]====
# Few fast filter rules, by default
# Consistency, mixup of features and widgets
# Hierarchically grouping records (e.g., Person, Place) in the Selector cripples sorting capabilities. Sub-sorting within grouping by "Last Changed" is of little value compared for the entire list. Add option to use Flat lists?
{{man note|Note, there was a [[#Interactive_Search|Gtk SearchEntry bug (latency and collapsed seizure)]] limiting a good search match: max_length(3).|Fixed since gramps 4.2.0, see bug report {{bug|1450}}.}}
[[File:Gramps_connect_query.png|Search query and filter on gramps_connect]]
Ability to also use one search field matching on multiple columns (''names'', ''ID'', ''dates'', etc ...)
[[File:Gramps_connect_search.png|675px|Search on gramps_connect]]
===Interface for handling and selecting custom filters on selectors===
* [ GNOME Human [UI_style|User Interface GuidelinesStyle]]
* [ Mockups] and [ new features] since gtk+ 3.20.
*{{bug|8762}}: Last Used places in the Select Place window
*{{bug|8743}}: Search for place needs more options
*{{bug|7342}}: <s>Show "Main Participants" with events </s>
*{{bug|6558}}: Optimize the use of citations
*{{bug|6332}}: Move home person to bookmark menu
*{{bug|5024}}: By default, to display [Last Recent Used] and [bookmarked] objects on selectors
*{{bug|3655}}: "last modified" timestamp changes everytime a tree is accessed
*{{bug|12026}}: Add Existing Person is missing Find feature
*[ Discourse Topic]: [ Ideas]; QuickSelect combo-boxes
=== Others ===
*{{bug|9880}}: <s>Time loading for person selector in census forms</s>*{{bug|9738}}: <s>Select person dialog opens always expanded</s>*{{bug|9700}}: <s>Select Place search & Source/Citation hierarchy should NOT automatically open</s>
*{{bug|9315}}: <s>[Regression]: filter set by default on selector is ignored on load (_init_)</s>
*{{bug|9314}}: <s>Two selectors on Places report can generate a confusion</s>
For tests, need to focus on ''Selector'' features}}
[ Download a copy], unzip the archive and run: $ cd gramps_cryptic_rebase-gep-041-new-selectorSelectors
$ python3 -d "gui.selector"
create a '''new family tree''', and import a '''copy of your data'''.
{{man note|Resource path|You may have to play with resource path.}}
$ ResourcePath.ERROR: Unable to determine resource path
$ export GRAMPS_RESOURCES=/usr/local/lib/python3.6/dist-packages/gramps-5.2.0-py3.6.egg/share
Tested some years ago with remaining indirect and unfixed issues (title, model, editors) because the focus was on possible modifications on Selectors. Should take it as a draft.

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