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3.4 Addons

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{{man warn|Outdated : This page listed [[Third-party Plugins|Third-party plugin]]s written by users and developers to work only with Gramps version listed.|Please make a [[How_to_make_a_backup|backed up.]] and upgrade to the current version of Gramps {{version}} and use the associated [[Third-party Plugins|Third-party plugin]]s<br />These Third-party plugin's/addons unless stated are not officially part of Gramps.}}
| [[SetTagTool]]
| Tool
| [[Image:SetTagTool.png|150px]]N/A
| Select a filter and mark people as "ToDo" (or anything else).
| All
# Click on a download link from the list of Addons below.
# Open the .ZIP or .gz file and save the contents to your [[GRAMPS User Directory]], in the gramps{{stable_branch}}<code>gramps34/plugins </code> folder
# For some addons, you may need to restart Gramps
''See [[Writing a Plugin]] for information on developing your own addon.''

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