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Fedora RPM

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The [[installation]] page details how to download and install a working version of '''GRAMPSGramps''' to your operating system of choice. For most users...
yum install gramps
will be all that is needed for the [ fedora] distribution. This page details a different method and is for those users wanting an alternative version of GRAMPSGramps, this may be to test a SVN version or to install the latest stable version.
= Development rpm =
It may be possible that next to the standard Fedora rpm there's a newer version available for development testing.
Assuming you have an existing version of GRAMPS Gramps installed, you can try to install from the following repositories:
yum --enablerepo=updates-testing update gramps
yum --enablerepo=development update gramps
= To build the rpm from source =
An alternative approach to installing the binary RPM is to build the package from source, this will build GRAMPS Gramps using the package versions that you have installed. For this, you need the GRAMPS Gramps source kit and a so called '''SPEC''' file. It is usually easiest to download the most recent GRAMPS Gramps source RPM (SRPM) from the Fedora repositories, extract the SPEC file, adjust it for the new version, and try to build a new RPM.
== To build the RPM ==
*Some assumptions have been made here, the prime one being that you have any needed devel packages installed, and therefore a system that can actually build from source. If you don't have one - yet - then continue on and hopefully your system will give enough clues so that you can get to the final stage, and build an rpm. (Ah! and please update this page to suit, or notify the mailing list).
*A secondary assumption is that your happy to install '''over''' your existing GRAMPS Gramps installation? This is the SVN (bleeding edge) package and things may break. The flip side to that problem is that once they're reported they'll be fixed and goodness will prevail!
*And with that in mind, '''backup''' your database first. '''Don't work on that which is irreplaceable.'''
**Happy Bug Hunting!

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