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{{Third-party plugin}}[[File:AttachSource-Tool-Options-dialog-addon-example-50.png|thumb|right|450px|Attach Source Tool - Options (defaults) - dialog]]The {{man label|Attach Source }} Tool allows you to add a new or existing Source sources to the entire database or selected set of filtered people.__TOC__==Usage==* Once this plugin addon has been installed
* Select Menu {{man menu|Tools > Family Tree Processing -> Attach Source...}}
* From the '''Undo history warning''' dialog you can choose {{man button|Stop}} or {{man button|Proceed with the tool}}.
[[File* The {{man label|Options}} tab is displayed with the following:AttachSourceTool-Options-dialog-41.png**{{man label|thumbPerson Filter:}} '''Entire Database'''(default)**{{man label|rightFilter Person:}} defaults to the Active Person.**{{man label|350px|Attach Source Tool - Options type:}} '''New source'''(defaultsdefault) - dialog]], or '''Existing source'''.**{{man label|New Source Title:}} Empty textbox by default, that you can type your source details into.**{{man label|Existing Source ID:}} Empty textbox by default, that you can type in the number of an existing source.
* The '''Options''' tab is displayed with Once you have made your choices for the following:source to be attached you can either choose {{man button|Close}} or {{man button|Execute}} to apply the change.
After the change has been made the {{man label|Results}} tab will become available where you can change and examine the final results.
Once finished select {{man button|Close}}.
==Issues==* Missing a Help button pointing to this page {{bug|???}}* Fixed "Results" tab that does not expand as dialog is maximized.{{bug|???}}* Selecting "Execute" a second time with no changes creates a duplicate source for "New Source" , probably should give a warning. {{bug|???}} ===Future plans===
* Add attach source to multiple events using the AttachSourceTool {{bug|4257}}
* Add sources to types of objects other than people (media, events, etc) {{bug|???}}
* Be able to reverse/undo a run or provide a dry run option that shows the results of what would be changed {{bug|???}}
* Add a method to select the source ID from a popup dialog {{bug|???}}
* Add sources to types of objects other than people (media, events, etc) {{bug|???}}
* Add a Help button pointing to this page {{bug|???}}

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